6 Things Every Astrology Lover Should Have on Their Phone

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Many people use astrology to better understand the self and others. Knowledge of astrological concepts can help you seize opportunities and avoid getting in with the wrong crowd.

Therefore, it makes sense to carry astrology resources wherever you go when embarking on self-improvement. Since you likely bring your smartphone with you at all times, placing a few Astrology apps on your device is a simple way to do just that.

Having a collection of enlightening apps is almost as important as putting an iPhone 14 case on a brand-new Apple device.

How Astrology Lovers Can Use Their Phone

Astrology can be applied to all aspects of life. Thus, plenty of phone apps take advantage of the universal nature of the study. Of course, you can check your horoscope on the go, but the utility goes far beyond that.

Some apps let you plot your natal chart, while others allow you to talk directly with an astrologer. Some apps offer additional metaphysical services, like tarot cards and psychic readings.

With the right apps installed, you can enjoy an entire network of astrological resources right in your pocket. The best part is that the following apps work on Android and iOS, so you can easily explore them to find what resonates most with your beliefs.


1. The Pattern

The Pattern is an in-depth look at your life based on when you were born. It uses a combination of numerology and astrology to create several pages worth of info about past, present, and future patterns in your life.

While there is no way to tell if the future predictions will come true, the paragraphs about your past tend to be startlingly accurate.

Once you have studied your life pattern, you can input birth data for another person. This is an excellent way to assess your compatibility with a friend, family member, or potential life partner.

This app predicts how well you will get along and what pitfalls your relationship is prone to face. With this knowledge in tow, navigating your social life is much easier.

2. Co-Star

Co-Star is like a slightly simplified version of The Pattern in that it tends to give a more concise summary of what you can expect in this lifetime. The shorter reads are easily digestible, especially when you only have a few minutes while out and about.

The app is known to toss out interesting facts and mysterious tidbits that provoke thought. If you need help coming up with subjects for your daily meditation, then using this feature will give you plenty of concepts to work with.


The interface is simple to learn and attractive. Despite the charming look, the astrological info presented in the app is backed up by data from NASA. This means you are getting an almost live feed of what the stars are doing at any given time.

3. Time Passages

This application is perfect for anyone just starting out in the world of astrology. It gives beginner-friendly rundowns of what the various sun, moon, and star signs represent.

The descriptions of each will help you understand what to look for when browsing the sea of astrology content.

You can explore the potential of business partners, loving relationships, and harrowing life choices based on your own astrological signs.

The data is illustrated via an intuitive compatibility meter that tells you how likely the decision is to work out in your favor. Time Passages is free but includes paid add-ons for those who wish to delve deeper.

4. Sanctuary

Sanctuary offers various metaphysical services, including live astrologer consultations, psychic readings, and tarot card spreads. You can connect with a live astrologer for a monthly subscription and get detailed explanations about your journey through the cosmos.

The psychic and tarot card readings can be paid for by the minute. In that regard, Sanctuary is the next generation of psychic hotlines that used to be all the rage.

 5. Chaturanga Astrology

Chaturanga is another service similar to Sanctuary in that it connects you with live astrologers. With that said, there are two key distinctions. First, all new account holders get to ask one free question to sample the service.

If you are on the fence about ordering psychic readings and other astrological resources, then Chaturanga is the best way to learn more about the process.

The second key distinction is the focus on specific questions. Rather than obtaining general reports about your life, the question-based format reveals the exact information you are most curious about.

6. Astrology Zone

Astrology Zone is an ideal app if you want a quick horoscope without all the additional fluff. You can get a monthly report with all the basics using the app‘s free version.

If you want daily readouts, there is an optional monthly subscription. What makes Astrology Zone‘s horoscopes so appealing is the backing of world-renowned astrologer Susan Miller.

She has authored several books on astrology, and her predictions have been featured by various news outlets.

Align With a Healthy Lifestyle

Astrology is a wonderful tool for learning more about yourself and improving your standing in the world. The interconnected nature of all things means preserving the environment is a worthy goal for everyone. An effective way to align with healthier living is to obtain a sustainable phone case.

Rather than the plastic used in most iPhone 14 plus cases and other protective covers, these products are made from compostable materials. This production method reduces the amount of plastic and other waste materials that are difficult to dispose of naturally.

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