15 Facts to Know Before Visiting Formby Beach

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Formby beach is a stunning beach with golden sand and also a fun beach where you can explore an inviting coast. The view into the Irish Sea is charming enough to stop by.

Everyone will find fun on this beach including kids who can rather run around the sand of the beach, and adults who are looking to relax. Most of the visitors spend 1 or 2 hours on the beach but if you are interested to explore the layers of the sand, surrounding woods and the artefacts revealed at the mud layer the time may take a bit longer.

It’s the perfect place for you to spend a day. You just dip your toes into the sea and get some vitamin-D but make sure to check the tide time before planning to go.

Here’s everything to know about Formby beach.

Formby beach Location

Formby beach is an ideal place for families to visit, with large car parking, wider picnic areas, and way-marked paths for going to the beach, dunes, and wood. The address of Formby beach is Victoria Road, Formby, Liverpool L37 1LJ, United Kingdom. Formby is a small town in Merseyside.

Formby’s wealthy residents, pleasant atmosphere, and National Trust Reserve make Formby a popular destination for tourists. In the summer month, you can make a plan to visit Formby if you want a break from your hectic schedule.

Best season to visit Formby beach

Formby Beach

In Formby, summer is very comfortable and partly cloudy whereas winters are very cold, wet, windy, long, and mostly cloudy.

Across the year the temperature in Formby varies from 37°F to 67°F and it is hardly below 25°F or above 75°F. so, the best time of the year to visit Formby beach is from June to early September.

15 Facts you would like to know about Formby beach

Formby beach is the location of the first lifeboat station in the United Kingdom. This beach is most popular for its dunes and is highly protected by the Nature Trust.

So, while you visit Formby beach always remember to collect the litter behind you and take care of the new habitats that are being created to save wildlife.

Here, we are going to describe 15 facts about Formby beach that you may want to know before making a plan to visit.

Do you have to pay to go to Formby Beach?

Entry is free on Formby beach for visitors who arrive on foot or by bike. But if you arrive at the beach with your car then you need to pay the car parking fees.

Is it safe to swim at Formby Beach?

Formby beach is popular for its lovely, sandy beach. Formby beach is the highest and cleanest class which means the water quality is good enough. Indeed, you can swim at Formby beach because there are lifeguards.

It will be best to swim at Formby beach in presence of the lifeguards, or you can join the Formby sea swimmers who know the area well. When on a lifeguarded beach, you find the red and yellow flags.

You always swim in the area that is patrolled by the lifeguards.

Can you walk along the beach from Formby to Southport?

If you are going to walk along from Formby to Southport you will experience a longer walk as the distance between the two points is 10 miles. If you are eager to learn some adventurous experiences you will surely walk along the path.

Can you park your car on Formby Beach?

Yes, you can park your car on Formby beach. There is a car park on Lifeboat road and another car park on Victoria road. Formby has limited car parking with only 270 spaces on Lifeboat Road and with 300 spaces on Victoria Road.

On holidays or busy days, the car parking filled up quickly and visitors should come to Formby beach as early as possible otherwise you consider your visit on a quieter day.

How much does it cost to park at Formby Beach?

To park one car in the car parking zone you need to pay £7.50, but if you are a National Trust member then you can park for free. You just need to carry the membership card with you at the time of visiting.

. If you are making your payments in cash, you need to keep some coins with you as the machine only accepts coins.

You can also pay by your card, you need to download the pay by a phone app on your phone and you need to follow the provided instructions that you will find at the side of the machine.

Is Formby beach clean?

Formby beach is rated as “Excellent” regarding cleanliness for the past five years. The rate of water pollution is minimal.

Formby beach is a region that suffers from short-term pollution. Otherwise, the sand and water are very clean. You must visit for the incredible experience.

Are dogs allowed on Formby Beach?

Yes, well-mannered dogs are allowed to wander with you across the Formby beach and woods. The beach is open 365 days a year to welcome dogs to the beach.

But the National trust that owns the region that dogs are kept on leads along the Squirrel walk so that red squirrels can be protected. The Lifeboat Road the welcome team generally has a dog bowl and water.

What station is near Formby Beach?

Freshfield station is the most nearer to Formby beach; on the way to Formby beach, you can walk through Formby pinewood which is the home of red squirrels. It will take 10-15 minutes to walk to reach Formby beach.

How far is Formby train station from the beach?

The distance between Formby station and Formby beach is about 1 mile. It means not so far at all; you just get off the train and start walking straight down the way and you can find the entrance at its very end.

Also if you will come by train then you may catch a bus to reach the beach. It will take 9 minutes and costs £1 – £2.

Formby Beach

Can you see the sunset from Formby Beach?

It is the most amazing experience on Formby beach; to sit on the dunes while the sun starts to sets. The sky is changing from second to second; from orange-yellow to pink.

As the sun goes down the clouds seem to be painted with changing colours. You can surely enjoy your day watching the sunset as it seems like sleeping quickly behind the line of the horizon.

Can you go to Formby beach at high tide?

If you are planning to visit Formby beach then it is advisable to check the tide times before setting off. Sometimes, there is high tide and the sea reaches just right up to the dunes and there are no beaches left.

Tide times are also seen at the entrance of the car parking plot; so you just need to keep an eye out if you forget to check beforehand.

How busy is Formby?

Formby beach is too much busy, especially at the weekends, bank holidays, school holidays, etc. it remains very populated from June to September.

Kids love this beach, especially the red squirrels; adults are also crazy to visit the beach for their relaxation. Moreover, the beach is crowded with too many people during the whole year. 

Are there lifeguards on Formby Beach?

Yes, during summer lifeguard service is in operation at Formby beach. The lifeguards promote “swim between flag service” which means you need to swim between the flags. They also patrol a designated area on the beach.

What time does the tide come in Formby?

Generally, the first high tide comes in Formby between 12 to 1.30 am and the first low tide comes after 6 hours after the first high tide which means between 6 am to 7:30 am.

The second high tide comes after 6 hours the first low tide is between 12 pm to 2 pm and the second low tide is between 6 pm to 8 pm.

Does Formby Beach have toilets?

There are accessible toilets on Lifeboat Road and Victoria Road. That can be accessed through a radar key.

But in recent times, there are a lot of temporary toilets are installed at the Victoria Road car parking zone and will be operational till the summer ends. They are accessible to visitors during opening hours.


There is nothing quite as identical to summer as the beach- as you can escape the stress and noise of your everyday life. Researches also show that spending time on beaches is also good for your well-being.

Those who live by the coast gain better physical and mental health than others. The colour blue has been found by a huge number of people to be associated with calm and peace.

So, you can surely make a plan with your family and your dog to visit Formby beach to smell the breeze of the ocean. Finally, touching the sand will make you feel all fuzzy. Overall the condition of Formby beach is well and good to listen to the ocean waves.

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