The Art Hidden in the Philosophy of Architecture

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Organic architecture is a branch of the aesthetic architectural field. It is nature’s way of promoting harmony between human habitation and the natural world.

Its architecture is achieved through design approaches that are sympathetic and well-integrated with the site, buildings, furnishings, and surroundings. Everything relates to one another, reflecting the symbiotic ordering system of nature.

These types of nature-inspired architects are the invention of none other than the great innovator Frank Lloyd Wright. He is the man who shocked his contemporaries not only with architectural solutions but also with the vicissitudes of his life experiences.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, many architects have been trying to create something unique. The nature of architecture as a whole has been undergoing a number of changes over the course of time. In addition, organic architectures are drawing a lot of attention.

It has become a new trend that is sweeping the design world. Some of its wonders include the Gherkin building and Heather wick’s East Beach Café in London, UK.

In architecture, it is considered a fact that pushing the boundaries can be too risky, but Kendrick Bangs Kellogg made an exception. He constructed the most sublime and dramatic example of organic architecture: “The Kellogg Doolittle Residence.”

This one-of-the-kind house was rather impossible to make and cannot be replicated now. It also goes by another name, “The High Desert House,” and is nestled in Joshua Tree, California, United States.

The home’s design was kicked off in 1988, while this wondrous building was constructed in 2014. In 1991, Kellogg brought in John Vugrin, who was hired to design and fabricate the complete interior and the nine exterior doors and handles the final completion of the exterior.

Many considered the Doolittle House to be Kellogg’s apotheosis, while others believed that Kellogg pushed Organic Architecture beyond Frank Lloyd Wright’s protégé John Lautner. The interior structure of the building is wallless.

It is formed by 26 enormous cantilevered concrete columns, allowing the architect Kellogg to incorporate the existing boulders into the home. Kellogg wanted the home to look like it was crouching on the rocks.

Everything about this house is intriguing. The more you know about it, the more improbable its very existence at the edge of Joshua Tree National Park will seem. The New York Times states it as the most unsung great residence in America by one of architecture’s least-known major talents.

The house has two buildings; the main house, which is elevated on the rocks, and a smaller apartment/garage at street level. These structures are separated by a long-paved golf-walking path of approximately 5000 feet. It takes you from street level up to the elevation of the home.

The great house was built for Bev and Jay Doolittle. The Doolittles were every architect’s dream client; so sensitive to the artistic process, they provided Kellogg with well-articulated briefings, plenty of resources, and decades of patience.

Though the house boasts a UFO-like vibe, the Doolittle House has been described as surprisingly warm and cozy—especially from the inside.

Kellogg’s possesses the talent needed to produce the unique buildings of all times. The exemplary architecture he has provided to the world requires a good eye and sensitivity to capture its artistry both inside and out.

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