5 Signs That You Are in Denial of Your Addiction

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It is often said that the first step to a successful recovery is facing your reality and admitting that you have a problem. When someone is in denial, it can be hard to convince them to get treatment. Basically, if someone does not see a problem, you cannot ask them to fix it. For one to get to a point where they are making progress, they need to fully realize the effects of substance use disorder in their lives and that of the people around them. Sadly, most people dealing with addiction fail to get there. Denial is a sign of substance abuse that prevents people from getting treatment. Below are some signs of denial.

You Do Not See This As a Problem

Picture a situation where you are unwell, and so you head to the hospital for treatment. However, the doctor tells you they do not see any issues, and so they cannot treat you. That means you continue suffering in pain until the problem is identified so that you can be treated. The same applies to addiction. If you do not see your addiction as a problem, you will not get help. Also, if someone tries to bring up a conversation about substance abuse, and all of sudden you become defensive, you are in denial. Besides that, if someone says they saw you doing something and you outrightly deny it yet it is the truth, you are trying to cover up your addiction.

You Refuse To Talk About The Issue

If your loved one approaches you to address the issue of substance abuse and suddenly you are busy or start skirting around the problem, you are in denial. Most addicts try to mask the seriousness of the conversation with humor or avoid the conversation altogether. Your reluctance to face the problem is one of the signs of a problem.

Blaming Other People For your Problems

This is one of the most common excuses for using substances. It can be said that your boss is too hard on you and so you need to let off some steam, or a partner is being difficult, or for any other reason. When you start blaming other people for your mistakes, you are in denial. In the end, you are responsible for your actions. Besides, there are healthy ways of coping with difficult situations instead of resulting in drugs and alcohol.

Comparing Yourself To Addicts to Show you Do Not Have a Problem

Another tactic is when you try to convince yourself that you are not so bad as a particular person. If you know someone whose addiction case was severe and you are using them as a benchmark for your addiction, you have a problem. As seen in, addiction is not the same for everyone. Just because someone’s addiction looks extreme does not magically eliminate your problem.

You Dismiss Your Loved One’s Concern

If you are struggling with an addiction, your loved ones can see it, and they are likely to address it. If your loved ones try to talk to you and your first instinct is dismissing their concern, then you are in denial. You do not want to face the fact that you could be an addict, and so you are quick to dismiss any talk that you might be. If your loved ones try to talk to you, listen to them. They care and are concerned about your wellbeing.

These are a few of the signs that you could be addicted to substances. If you notice such a pattern in yourself or a loved one, it is time to reevaluate your choices. Accepting treatment is the first step towards a healthier life.

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