One Of The NFT Projects To Really Look Out For – Jose Arias’ ‘Puff World’

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The NFT world is looking forward to one particular digital star’s project at the moment. In April. Peruvian artist Jose Arias is expected to launch his long-awaited ‘Puff World’. One of the most celebrated digital creators worldwide, collectors are waiting to get their hands on his life’s work.

Few industries and art sectors have shown a growth like the world of art in the last two years. Once secluded for the elite, a new multi-billion dollar industry has given artists the opportunity to offer as many pieces as they want to everyone who has access to a digital wallet. Meaning, the artist gains full control over sales, royalties, marketing, but most of all control to deliver his art to the people who truly appreciate it. Fans, investors, and collectors from all parts of the world have the chance to become an owner of their favorite pieces. That ranges from the art director in Beverly Hills to the 18-year-old biology student in France.

Jose Arias is one of the standout figures of the digital art world, his 3D creations have been for years. So it’s only logical he was one of the first people looked at as the sensation of NFT collections grew from a movement to an industry. One of his latest projects was the worldwide Spotify ‘Monsters’ collaboration, including his 3D minions. Besides the leading streaming service, other clients like Toyota or Samsung rate the artist’s work highly to reach out regularly.

Puff World And Its Context In Pop Culture

Jose Arias’ artistic work is highly relevant, which is more reason for the anticipation of his new upcoming launch of ‘Puff World’. The collection is colossal in size and detail, Jose Arias created 10.000 unique characters in his ‘Puffs’. Designed to take over the metaverse, Arias’ ‘Puff World’ is pop-culture in real-time. And both fans and collectors know the value in the fast-paced industry can skyrocket with the attention of a single standout owner of a collector’s piece. ‘Puff World’ will have plenty of those in line, with Arias being several Tech guru’s favorites.

If you don’t want to miss out on the upcoming launch of Jose Arias’ collection, make sure to follow the respective channels. It’ll be interesting to see how the pop culture event will unfold in April.

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