Planning For Honeymoon In The Caribbean? Here Are The Top Tips For Help!

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Looking for a place under the Sun for your honeymoon? The Caribbean is one of the finest destinations for newly-wed lovebirds. It is a paradise for honeymoon trips with toned beaches, powdery sands, blue-heaven seas, and luscious sunshine. And then there comes the luxurious five-star resorts and their extraordinary service. Just like the Sandals in St. Lucia, you can find plenty of other couples-only resorts.

Talking about planning your honeymoon trip, indeed, is an important task. After all, it has already been a busy ride for you in the last few days! You and your partner will most likely mess things up if you don’t start preparing beforehand. Why don’t you ease things up a little bit by reading the checklist of the top five planning tips?

Honeymoon Planning for a Hassle-free Romantic Trip

So, your trip destination has been set to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. And what’s left now? There are uncountable plans that go on and on, to be precise.

Plan the Tour Together

Come on! You weren’t thinking of doing all the planning alone, were you? It’s your honeymoon trip and not a solo hiking journey. So there is no honeymoon trip planning guide that doesn’t suggest planning together. It is, after all, the first-ever journey with your better half. Therefore, it deserves to be memorable and romantic in every way possible.

When you plan together, you get to know more about each other’s likes and dislikes. Well, if you were lovers before, you already know that. If you visit St. Lucia, you will love how serene and peaceful the ambiance is.

Don’t Miss Reading First-Hand Experiences.

Just because of how memorable honeymoon trips are, you can find first-hand experiences of other couples. Look for reviews on what services and amenities top resorts offer in St. Lucia. Decide whether you are looking for any regular resort or a couple-friendly resort. Wondering what the difference is?

Well, a couple-friendly resort is more likely to be a couples-only resort. So, you can pretty much assume that the ambiance, the amenities, the services, the cuisine, drinks, and entertainment options will be entirely dedicated for couples. Isn’t that a great thing?

What’s Your Take on Budget?

Do you know what the best way to keep your head clear while planning your honeymoon is? Fixing a maximum budget! No matter where your destination is, knowing the upper limits is helpful. When you know your budget, you can start rolling the dice and plan things to make way for a lifetime experience.

For instance, choosing to stay in a romantic resort instead of a five-star hotel might make your trip a bit closer to romantic. Most resorts in St. Lucia offer exciting activities that might interest couples.

When planning for budget, you should consider the following expenses –

  • Flight costs, including the return journey.
  • Passport and Visa costs
  • Accommodation costs in St. Lucia
  • Dining costs (not valid if it comes under your package)
  • Sightseeing and tours (the ones that aren’t included in your package)
  • Local Transit costs
  • Miscellaneous

Even if you figure out an average cost, it will help you a lot.

Privacy or Popularity?

This is entirely an opinion that varies from one couple to another. Some couples love to take it sporty and adventurous while others choose just the opposite. On average, honeymoon trips are more of a private time. So, opting for a place that offers you privacy is important. Talking of St. Lucia, it is one of the couple-favorite locations. And if you get an entry in one of the finest beachside adults-only resorts, well, you get it all.

The Conclusion

St. Lucia is home to some of the best resorts for couples. Sandals in St. Lucia is one of the many others you can check out. For the best honeymoon trip, you should focus on one thing – making your partner feel special, and that goes the other way too.

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