What is The Most Luxurious Writing Gift For A Writer?

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If you’re looking for the perfect luxury gift for the writer in your life, don’t panic, we have the perfect advice for you! You might be tempted to think the only tools valuable to a writer are either a pen and notebook, or a computer and printer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, a pen is a wonderful and meaningful gift, but there are other, less obvious, options you can also turn to as alternative or additional gifts for the writer in your life.

Whether you are purchasing a gift for a novelist, a poet, a journalist, a blogger, or someone who simply writes a lot for a living, there’s a wide variety of gift options to surprise and delight even the toughest of recipients. To give you some ideas, we’ve compiled a list of writing gifts including the best luxury pens.

Writing retreat

A writing retreat, or even just a weekend away alone, is possibly one of the most luxurious gifts you can give a writer. Solitude is one of the most valuable factors in a writer’s success, and is often one of the hardest things to come by. A writer can achieve a huge amount in just a couple of days of solitude. Even better if the location is somewhere inspiring such as by the sea, or in the middle of a forest where your gift recipient can enjoy fresh air, peace and quiet.

A writing retreat also has the added benefit of included some support in the form of talks and workshops, so your writer can benefit from learning while they are away.

Writing books

It might seem counterintuitive to gift a writer a book, but writers often spend so much time writing, they don’t take enough time to read. Yet, when they do, they realize just how valuable reading is to the quality of their craft. A book that is written about a topic they are interested in but don’t normally read is a good option as it can take them out of their usual world and inspire them in other ways. Alternatively, there are plenty of highly regarded craft books, including On Writing by Stephen King, one of the most renowned books about the craft of writing.

A luxury fountain pen

One of the best luxury pens for gifting is the classic fountain pen. Representative of tradition, quality and accomplishment, the fountain pen makes a wonderful gift that can last for generations and symbolize great achievements and milestones. The best luxury option is the Bastion Fountain Pen in stainless steel.

A luxury ballpoint pen

A luxury ballpoint pen also makes a great gift for pen lovers, especially one who writes by hand regularly and wants a pen that is sturdy and reliable, but also stylish and luxurious in look and feel. The ballpoint pen in stainless steel is the perfect gift for someone who likes quiet elegance with bold performance.This EDC ballpoint pen will make the perfect addition to your writer’s kit.

Candles and room fragrance

The benefits of fragrance in boosting mood, emotional and mental wellbeing, and productivity levels have been well-documented. A selection of candles in a range of fragrances designed to boost energy and clarity of thought, as well as focus and deep concentration, and relaxation for the end of the day, will make a thoughtful and useful gift.

A new computer

Most writers nowadays use a computer to jot down those inspired words, thoughts and insights. If you really want to treat your writer, consider gifting them an Apple MacBook Pro, complete with Scrivener writing software to help any budding novelist get started on that book. Laptops come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors, not to mention capabilities for a range of purposes. There is no doubt a laptop or computer to suit every budget. And your writer friend will thank you!

Hopefully these ideas give you some useful food for thought. As writers ourselves, we can guarantee that any one of these ideas would be a winner. All it depends on is your budget and your writer’s particular preference.

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