Kristy Austin-Teaching Fortitude and Perseverance Through Yoga

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It’s very challenging to pinpoint the exact origin of yoga mainly because of the enigmatic nature of its teachings and the fact that the information present about its history is littered with places of ambiguity and obscurity. The first yoga texts are said to have been written on brittle palm leaves, and therefore, have been largely lost, destroyed, or damaged.

Although yoga’s development can be traced back more than five thousand years, some researchers believe it could be as old as ten thousand years. Since its emergence, yoga has gone through periods of innovation and growth, and thanks to empathetic and knowledgeable instructors like Kristy Austin, who is spearheading the task of spreading the philosophy of yoga in the digital age, it has developed into a practice that has become an important facet of society today.

Yoga has now become a way of life that emphasizes spiritual, social, mental, and physical discipline. The goal of its practice and philosophy is to harmonize a person’s body, spirit, and mind, and achieve a state of self-realization through which a person gets rid of all of life’s sufferings, adversities, and tribulations.

The fundamental objective of yoga is to restore equilibrium and control in one’s life, to alleviate stress and anxiety of all types, and to promote equanimity and tranquility. To accomplish a state of serenity, a person needs to do breathing exercises, or yogic pranayama and asanas daily. Yoga can assist individuals in overcoming their physical limitations and can aid in external and internal renewal and rejuvenation of the mind and body. Additionally, it relieves stress and other negative effects of our everyday modern life; through yoga, our mind, soul, and body discover their true identity.

Yoga practice changes how we live our lives and completely changes our personality as a whole. The transformation and training of the mind as well as all other aspects of mankind are the main focus of yoga science which enables humans to transcend nature’s attributes and experience complete bliss.

 Yoga instructors nowadays practice their different forms which are based on various ideas and can be achieved in a variety of ways; however, their objective remains the same: self-realization. One such yoga instructor is Kristy Austin, who has helped people discover their true selves and in doing so, she has transformed the lives of many through her guidance and yoga teachings.

From mimicking the yoga poses of her mother to becoming one of the most popular yoga instructors, Kristy Austin has come a long way. As a child, she was not aware of the numerous benefits yoga has to offer and only recognized its true importance when she went through a tough phase in her life.

Austin started her journey in the fold of yoga when she began researching meditation, pranayama, and asanas. Along with practicing Iyengar, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga on a regular basis, she also gained knowledge about Kundalini, Fit Yoga, and Acro Yoga. Because of her constant efforts, in a very short period, she became a reiki practitioner, sound healer, energy healer, and certified yoga instructor of the Yoga Alliance and gained popularity for her signature yoga move called, the Goddess Pose.

Since the start of her career, she along with her celebrity sister and actor, Coco Austin has been an active member of the yoga community. Austin has also entered into a partnership with Melodic Yogi Art Gallery to showcase inspirational art in the form of flexible and elegant yoga poses.

Austin who presently resides in Arizona, has appeared in various television programs such as E! True Hollywood Story, Family Feud, Ice Loves Coco, and Celebrity Game Face with Kevin Hart.

Through yoga, Austin has helped many individuals recognize their true abilities and has assisted them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses. If practiced correctly and under the supervision of yoga instructors like Austin, yoga can completely change a person’s life by imparting lessons of patience, gratitude, and a lot more.

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