Joseph MacCabe – A Young Lad in the Real Estate Humanitarian Service Business

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Humanitarian services connect people during difficult times; they foster kindness and empathy among people. Humanitarian services play a principal role in helping people who suffer from disaster, hunger, poverty, diseases, war, etc. Humanitarians align governments and authorities for the betterment of those suffering by providing basic necessities in a crisis. Some humanitarians do their part through real estate services to provide better facilities to those in need, which is precisely what Joseph McCabe does.

Humanitarian services come with sundry benefits. It fosters empathy and alleviates skills, development, and knowledge by helping people. Overall, this experience could be extremely gratifying if you do it wholeheartedly. To mingle humanitarian services with real estate is not an easy job. Few people use their knowledge and expertise to provide homes, healthcare, and accommodation to needy people, and Joseph McCabe is one of them.

McCabe was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 30, 1992. He attended Father Judge High School and graduated from Pennsylvania State University. While serving in the United States Army, he pursued his undergraduate degree from Cabrini College. Since McCabe was quite efficient in academics, he acquired several certifications, such as CNE (Certified Negotiations Expert), ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative), and MRP (Military Relocation Professional) certifications. Moreover, he is a commercial and residential sales specialist.

McCabe is a prolific and profound personality who began his career at a very young age. He is a managing partner in numerous home care services firms and has an equity investment in technology, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and agriculture. He is the founder of the National Museum of the Army at Fort Belvoir in Virginia and a pioneer partner of R360 and the youngest member of R360’s Rising Leaders Committee.  McCabe is an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) rated private pilot and leases an airplane to a flight school in Philadelphia.

McCabe is a board member of an Aerial Recovery Company that trains and deploys young people to deal with disasters, accidents, and social problems like sex trafficking, poverty, and hunger. Aerial has the most efficient and swift responders tackling disasters in the entire region.

The gamut of McCabe has various characteristics; he not only works as a board member of an Aerial Recovery Company but has also founded a company named Surefire Group. The company actively works in home accommodation, healthcare, home insurance, mortgage brokering, real estate brokering, and cleaning services. The primary service of Surefire Group is real estate brokering, while the other, secondary services, add value and revenue to the company. In 2016, he established a RE/MAX franchise and business to propagate his alleviate business. His company, Surefire Group, has over 80 assets and is listed among the best Inc. 5000, a massive achievement for this young entrepreneur.

Being a young and successful entrepreneur, McCabe is quite popular among media channels and platforms. He has appeared on many podcasts, including The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever show with Joe Fairless, Rod Kleif’s show Life Time Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing, Dropping Bombs with Brad Lea, and Pat Hiban’s Real Estate Rockstars.

McCabe is a tremendously multitalented personality, an exceptional entrepreneur, businessman, humanitarian, and author. In 2023, he authored his first book called Maintain Your Gear: Surefire Strategies to Dominate, Execute, and Scale in Business and Life. Being from a military family, McCabe takes after the military and forces, maintain your gear,’ is an army phrase that entails preparing for the world, and from that lens, McCabe explains the mission and reason of life in his book.

It is an endearing sight to witness someone successful at a very young age, and McCabe is an exceptional example of this phenomenon. McCabe is a 30- year old guy thrusting his skill and passion for the betterment of society. He works incessantly from different walks of life, and the only goal of all his hard work is to be a notable philanthropist and humanitarian. Through his hard work, intelligence, and vision, he has become one of the pivots in the US real estate business, achieving tremendous success at such a young age.

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