Ines De Ramon, Paul Wesley’s Wife | Know About Her Biography

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Ines is the third wife of Paul. After dating for four years, the duo gets married in 2019. She is working in the world of jewelry. She is now working as a health coach in her health center. 

Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski is famous by his professional name Paul Wesley. He was born in New Brunswick in 1982. He is one of the actor and film producers. He won 36 awards, and he was nominated for 102 awards.

Ines De Ramon was born in 1992 in New Jersey, and she holds American nationality, and she is the wife of Paul. She is one of the popular health coaches, fitness enthusiasts, and social media stars. 

Where did the Ines de Ramon and Paul Wesley meet?

Paul and Ines were dating but they kept their relationship secret from their parents, media, and friends. They do not upload their pictures to social media accounts. But they are spotted by the fans of Paul; they were spending time together and dining at the fancy restaurants.

In 2019 Paul and Ines were getting married in a private ceremony. In the marriage, closest friends and family members only were attending their wedding. After that, they will be leading a happy life together. 

The couple is decided not to have children and them preferring to focus on their career. But on social media, believe that one of the two or both are infertile.

Is Paul Wesley is married to Ines de Ramon?

Ines is not the first wife of Paul because he was previously married to Torrey Devitto. Paul’s second wife is Devitto, and his first wife is Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin, but they were separated in 2017. After that, Ines met Paul in 2018, and they both are fallen in love together.

Many spotted the couples in various places, and their wedding is happening in 2019 privately. Most of the fans do not know how Paul and Ines met and the details about their marriage. 

It is one of the biggest mysteries because they do not prefer to share their personal life in public. You may get more updates of the couple’s life from their social media pages.

What does Paul Wesley’s wife do?

She is one of the health specialists and well being a coach, and she owns her wellness studio to help the customers to remain fit. Besides these, she is a recognized integrative nutrition health coach.

But she keeps her personal life a secret. Her husband Paul is one of the famous film actors. The role in the Vampire diaries makes her love him. 

More facts about the Ines De Ramon:

Ines De Ramon, Paul Wesley's Wife

She was raised in the US and her sister, but she has not spoken with her parents as she prefers to stay away from the media attention. She is more interested in sports and soccer while attending a local high school. She became more interested in fitness, and she spent more time in the gym.

She changed her mind and then enrolled at the University of Geneva, and she obtained a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree in 2014. Then she is returned to exercising, and soon she working as a health coach and fitness instructor.

Today, she is one of the stars on Instagram, and close to 120,000 followers follow her; she updated around 50 profile pictures taken during her everyday life.

She is a big lover of dogs, and she has several pets, which can be featured in their Instagram pictures. She is a fan of the outdoors, camping deep, hiking up to the mountains and the like close to lake and ocean.

The net worth of the Ines De Ramon:

The net worth of the Ones De Ramon is 2 million dollars. She has worked in several jobs, so she gets a lot of cash. Moreover, she is one of the best health coaches, beautiful and talented woman. 

She is also supporting her husband’s career, and also she has a great job. 

Quick facts about the Ines De Ramon:

She has gained more popularity for her marriage to the award-winning actor Paul. Currently, she is working as an account manager. Some of the interesting facts about her life are given by,

Her age is 29 years old as 2021:

She was born in 1992 in the USA. She has graduated from high school in the United States of America. After her studies were completed, she got his graduation, and she moved on with her life as a fitness enthusiast.

Ines is a polyglot:

She is an expert in five languages. She can write and speak in Spanish, German, English, French, and Italian. She is depicted in all the languages that she well knows how to write and speak in French.

Ines is not Paul Wesley first wife:

Paul is one of the actors, and he has married three times in his life. Ines is the third wife of Paul. Ines and Paul are spotted together on various occasions.

Ines is a fitness enthusiast:

She is a certified fitness coach, and also she looks like a fitness enthusiast. The body measurement of the Ines is representative of her passion for fitness. Her weight is 58 kgs and 5 feet 8 inches tall.

She spends time with the vampire diaries cast:

Ines is not an actor, but she is fond of the cast, and she has been spotted on many occasions with the Paul celebrating the show’s anniversary. These love birds also attend some of the essential functions together.

Ines has good followers on Instagram:

Ines is to stay away from the public. At present, she has a vast number of followers, so she made her account is public now.

She is a private person:

The marriage of the Ines is still a mystery. So she is one of the private people, and she is becoming popular because her husband is a famous actor. 

Ines De Ramon is one of the best inspirations for the youngsters, and she is one of the famous fitness coaches.

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