The Growing Culture of Serviced Apartments And How to Find The Best One

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If you are traveling to a new city for work or vacation and are looking for a comfortable stay during tours, book a serviced apartment for the finest accommodation.

A serviced apartment may be termed as an expanded stay apartment where you get to enjoy all the home-like amenities and pay a price lesser than that of a hotel room.

A serviced apartment is like a home away from home. Thus, you can book one during your long vacation or a business trip and expect comfort, luxury, and a homely ambiance. Here is everything you need to know about a serviced apartment and how to find the best one:

A perfect accommodation decision to stay for a long time

A serviced apartment is an umbrella term for any furnished apartment. Whether you are staying for a short-term or long-term, you can always choose this accommodation for a homely stay. Serviced apartments make a good choice for a long-term stay as you can make the most of all the home-like amenities.

Your duration of stay doesn’t matter; you can avail a variety of services for as long as you want.

A fully-furnished abode with lots of facilities 

The owners of the serviced apartments furnish them completely before renting them out to the guests. Thus, when you book a serviced apartment, expect fully-furnished interiors, just like a home or a hotel room. Everything in a serviced apartment looks neat and clean, and well-maintained.

Apart from this, serviced apartments also offer all the amenities to their guests. For example, if you are traveling to Seattle and have booked from the best-serviced apartments in Seattle WA, you can enjoy all kinds of amenities.

The basic amenities in these apartments include kitchen space, laundry area, access to +1 rooms, drawing room, balcony, television, Wi-Fi, air conditioner, etc. Some properties offer plusher amenities including a gym area, swimming people, dedicated parking space, etc.

Enjoy your space and privacy 

One of the best reasons for booking serviced apartments over other accommodation options is that you can enjoy your space and privacy to the fullest. Some people do not like the idea of sharing their space with an outsider. And if you are one of them, such apartments make the best choice for you.

You can relax anywhere in your apartment, cook your own food, wash your clothes, sit on the balcony and enjoy roaming around the space. Serviced apartments make the best choice for big families, expecting mothers, and couples as they get to enjoy privacy to the maximum.

Pay a reasonable price 

Serviced apartments charge you much lesser than a hotel room. According to a survey, you can save up to 30 percent of your accommodation expenses by choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel room.

You don’t necessarily need to downgrade to less comfortable accommodation to make your stay more affordable.

Serviced apartments extend luxury accommodation without a heavy price tag. You can stay comfortably for lengthy weeks, and even months and pay a reasonable price as rent for these apartments.

How to find the best-serviced apartment? 

The drill is simple. You can explore the best leads for a serviced apartment on the internet. Many third-party platforms enlist the best-serviced apartments throughout the world.

Choose the city that you are traveling to and shortlist the best options. Always compare the prices of such properties on more than one website. Additionally, you can get in touch with a travel agent and gather the best-suited options.

Takeaway :

serviced apartments are a great option for those looking for temporary or long-term housing. They can offer many of the same types of amenities as a hotel provides for their visitors, with more privacy and more space.

They are also often more affordable than hotel rooms, making them a great value for the money. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, serviced apartments are a great option for your lodging needs.

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