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How to Descale your Kettle Naturally?

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An electric kettle makes life much easier, especially for lovers of tea and infusions in general. However, if not cleaned regularly, it will become limescale. This will not only lead to difficulties getting the kettle ready; it will also slow down its operation and thereby consume more energy. To avoid this, we tell you how to descale a kettle to clean and maintain your system to heat the water. In addition, for this, you will only need homemade products that are safe for your health, something key in a device with these characteristics.

So much so that the industrial alternative to clean kettles, water heaters, or kettles is none other than anti-scale or bleed-out products. If, for cleaning in general, these cleaners are not among the most recommended due to their impact on the environment, as well as their potential health effects, their use for the system with which, precisely, we heat water for personal consumption is even less advisable. Let’s know how to descale a kettle with natural products.

Natural alternatives to limescale.

The good news is that cleaners like those described should not be missed since there are homemade alternatives that offer solutions for cleaning the home in general and systems to bring water to a boil in particular. They are as follows:

  • Citric acid:

For the most severe cases, this product that is obtained in pharmacies and natural product stores will help you. To descale kettle, put half a liter of water and 25 grams of citric acid in it. Leave the contents inside the appliance overnight and, the next day, clean the inside well. To do this, you can go over it with a soft scouring pad or with a cloth and put water to boil and then empty the equipment. Keep in mind that to handle citric acid, it is convenient to use gloves.

  • Lemon: 

Another solution to descale kettle can be found in lemon. If you opt for this method, fill the system with water and add a tablespoon or two of natural lemon juice. Once it reaches temperature, let the product act for a minimum of one hour. Next, all you have to do is empty it, remove the product remains and refill the heater with water, in this case only to, once it is heated, empty the appliance.

  • Vinegar and bicarbonate:

These two classics for sustainable cleaning will guarantee results for your water heating system. Vinegar and bicarbonate are other natural products to descale kettle vinegar. Following the same line as in the previous examples, to apply this method, you will have to fill the appliance with three-quarters of a liter of water, pour in a stream of white vinegar, and add a tablespoon of bicarbonate. Ideally, this mixture should act throughout the night to subsequently remove the remains with the same procedure used for lemon.

With any of these methods, you will ensure that your electric kettle is clean, that it heats the water without leaving traces of products potentially harmful to your health and, also that it works at full capacity without excess energy. For all these reasons, not only periodic descaling a kettle is important. Maintenance will also help you a lot. In this sense, it is advisable to avoid excess water in your system. In this way, when you are not going to use the one you have heated, avoid leaving it in the kettle and reuse it, either for cooking or for watering the plants. With this, you will not only be fighting the formation of lime, but you will make more responsible use of this scarce resource.

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