Best Badge Maker Machines and Kits to Try

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Although the amount of money that must be invested in the first moment to buy the ironer is greater, the last cost of each of the personalized plates is much less in the long run. For this reason, if you want to have this work of art in your business, we recommend using one of these machines. A technology expert analyzes each product to find the best ones at the best price.

 This is a heavy-duty, high-quality aluminum fabricated sheet metal machine that provides great quality every time. You can find it in different sizes, so you can have a machine that fully adapts to your needs. Without a doubt, this is one of the best machines that you will find in the market that adjusts to different sizes.

Machine for making badges, spare parts, and consumables

But other materials can be used, such as different types of fabrics. Therefore, depending on the design and the number of personalized badges you want to make, you recommend using the fabric that best suits your needs. 

With these simple tips in mind, you can choose a high-quality badge maker. This is a machine that has great quality.


The popular “micro” veneer machine from enterprise products. Made of high quality, strong aluminum with a very professional finish. This pack includes a badge machine, a circular cutter, a cutting board. 100 pieces to make badges and some simple instructions for use – choose the size you want.


It, combined with the mechanical lever principle, requires little force for punching. 32mm plate making machine. 500 x buttons (metal parts + plastic parts) are included. 

A badge making kit in the UK only needs different molds; it can produce hundreds of different sizes/types of products: badges, refrigerator stickers, corsages, bottle caps, cartoon key chains, etc.


Function: This badge making machine that allows you to make 2.5cm or 3.2cm or 5.8cm medals with the 1000 included buttons and a set of. You can make all types of insignia. Wide application: it is a fantastic machine, easy to use, fast, and gives excellent results. It is widely used to create homemade buttons for political campaigns or sporting events or for company key chains or school medals and etc. Complete package: the ergonomic steel handle provides a comfortable grip and energy saving. Package includes 1pc machine to badge.1pc molds.1000pcs badges (metal parts + plastic parts + transparent covers) .2pcs hex keys.2pcs.2pcs screws.2pcs washers on the ankles.1pc coupe-cercle.

  • BANDAI 35400 – Badge to Create Badges

Material and badge maker machine to create 15 badges of 3 cm in diameter to hang anywhere.

  • Includes a table of 15 design patterns.
  • An included template for creating your own badge designs.
  • Machine compatible with paper, cloth, magazines, or photos.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Veneers for veneer making machine

Veneers for veneer making machine, with 1000 pieces circular veneer and circular cutter, 2.5cm / 3.2cm / 5.8cm to choose 2.5cm

This badge maker UK is supplied with a set of dies, which are suitable for 2.5cm / 3.2cm / 5.8cm buttons, combining cost-effectiveness and convenience.

  • With the base, you can move the dies more precisely and quickly, comfortably and quickly.
  • The handle is comfortable in hand and has an ergonomic design. Save energy.
  • Easy to use, powerful and effective.
  • Widely used to create an activity or group badges for button lovers and button loading.
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