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Everything You Need To Know About Aluminium Wiring And When It Needs To Be Replaced

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Wiring consists of two main components, the wire that carries the electricity and the protective sheath which prevents short circuits, electric shocks, and fires. Modern electrical wiring uses copper to carry the electrical charge. It’s durable and effective.

However, copper hasn’t always been used. During the 1960s and 1970s, many homes had aluminium in their wiring, it conducts electricity as effectively as copper and is durable. Many homes built in this period still have their original aluminium wiring and don’t experience any issues.

However, if you have aluminium wiring you should contact a reputable electrician Sydney and get it checked. You probably need to replace it.

The Problem With Aluminium Wiring

Aluminium carries electricity effectively. It was used in homes as the cost of copper rose rapidly, making aluminium a cost-effective solution. Unfortunately, as aluminium wiring ages it is more likely to move or crack, resulting in an increased risk of arcing and overheating. That means your home has a greater risk of short circuits and even house fires.

Alongside this, many modern switches and sockets aren’t compatible with aluminium wiring and will cause it to corrode, giving further issues.

When To Replace Your Aluminium Wiring

If you have aluminium wiring you should consider having it looked at and replaced. The simple fact is you and your home is at greater risk of issues.

However, there is currently no law dictating that you have to replace the wiring. Aluminium is an effective conductive and the majority of the issue surrounds where the aluminium joins modern electrical components.

This means you have several options:

Rewire The House

This is the most intrusive option as most homes have wiring that runs through the walls and to replace it the electrician will need to damage the walls, remove old cables, add in new ones, and then repair the damage. That’s why house rewires can be expensive.

It’s a good option as you can be certain that your wiring corresponds to the latest regulations and there is no safety risk.

Adjust Connections

However, if you prefer to keep your house intact you can get a qualified electrician to cut the ends of your aluminium wiring. The ends are placed in specially designed connectors that allow a stretch of copper to be added to each circuit. The copper connects to the circuit breakers, switches and sockets, effectively reducing the risk of corrosion in the aluminium wiring.

This is a more cost-effective solution but the wiring should be done by a professional.

It’s worth noting that there are different types of connectors on the market but they all require special tools to ensure the connection is secure. As these tools are only available to professionals it also helps to ensure that qualified electricians complete the work instead of the DIYer.

If you haven’t checked your wiring and your house dates from the 1960s/1970s or older, then you should check. It may be time to have your wiring sorted.

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