What International Students in England Should Know About the Weather There

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Universities in the United Kingdom welcome thousands of foreign students every year. As of 2021, over 400,000 international students are studying in different universities and colleges across the UK.

Most of these students come from outside the European Union, paying tuition fees twice as much as those from the UK and EU. A majority of these students study in universities located in England.

University College London alone has over 17,000 international students. The University of Manchester comes second in that ranking with over 15,000 students.

While most of these students are aware of the curriculum they are signing up for, they are often unaware of many other things in England. One such factor that students often end up ignoring is the British weather.

A quick look at England’s weather forecast here: will give you a fair idea about the country’s climate.

The weather there is usually wet. The skies are fully or partly cloudy in most cases. If you pick a random date on a calendar, chances are it will be raining on that fateful day.

However, the weather is not the same throughout the year. And to help you sort it out, here is everything you, as an international student, should know about the English weather.

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Autumn in England lasts from September to November. Fall is when most international students arrive in England and experience the British weather for the very first time. Right away, they get to see a rather pleasant atmosphere around the country.

Things start off warm in September. Then, as the colors on the trees start changing, it starts getting cooler. Sideways rain with strong winds is common as you approach November.

The overall atmosphere during fall is quite picturesque and even Instagrammable, as many of you will realize once you are there. Heading to class with a cup of pumpkin-spiced latte is the usual trend during this time.

As for your attire, make sure you have durable footwear, ideally boots. Carry an umbrella or light waterproof jacket with you. When the weather gets colder, layering becomes more crucial. You would want to have something to keep you warm and wear lighter clothes underneath for when you are in class.


Winter in England lasts from December to February. Heavy winter coats are a must-have for this season. College kids mostly prefer wearing cardigans, hoodies, and waterproof jackets during this time.

A pair of boots just for winter is not a bad idea either. They are something you will want to have, especially when you have to walk around campus in the cold weather.

Some parts of England will see snow. Temperatures in these areas reach -10 degrees Celcius at night. So, make sure you have waterproof gloves, hats, and scarves to keep you warm.

Public transit becomes a nightmare during winter. It becomes almost impossible to reach your destination on time even at the slightest of inconveniences. So, always keep an eye on your weather app and the latest weather forecasts. Start for class early if you see that the weather could take a turn for the worst.


March to May is the spring season in England. That is when temperatures start going up. In the last few years, especially around April, England has been experiencing heat waves. Temperatures reach 20 degrees during these times, and almost stay constant for weeks straight.

However, the warm weather won’t give you relief from frequent showers. At best, you will have a few good days of sunshine. After that, you will once again have to endure the typical British weather.


Summer continues till September, and lets you enjoy another few good days of sunshine. The weather is fairly warm, despite the occasional rainfall. Light cotton fabric is the best type of attire you can put on in the summer.

For those of you coming from cold countries, like Canada, you will find this type of weather rather enjoyable. It is not scorching hot, but there are a few heatwaves now and then.

The summer season will also allow you to enjoy some of the best festivals and events around England, and the UK. A trip to the beaches or the coastline with your friends will let you enjoy this weather to its fullest.

We have unpacked everything you need to know about the weather in England. Once you arrive and start classes, you will discover more fascinating things about the weather here. And know that not all the things you learn will be of liking to you.

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