Raising the Bar for Outdoor Gear Acquisition – Everest by Bill Voss Provides an Exciting Twist on Finding Just the Right Gear

2 Mins read is an emerging community-driven marketplace fulfilling the needs of adventurous people with top-notch gear. The online marketplace has already attracted 1000’s sellers offering countless products. Everest aims to deliver premium gear for anyone doing what they love on the weekend.

Voss doesn’t care whether you’re fishing or cycling on the weekend, he just wants you outdoors. Getting outdoors and doing some physical activities are exciting, adventurous, and fun. To fulfill the increasing demands for gear for outdoor activities, Bill Voss launched an online marketplace called “Everest,” where people can get the finest gear for camping, swimming, running, fishing, and hiking to discover the outdoor world.

Bill Voss is a renowned entrepreneur who has a passion for exploring the attractive and daring places of the world. To follow his passion, he created an online customer-centric community marketplace where people can connect, learn, sell, and buy gear for any outdoor activity. Everest aims to change the meaning of outdoor recreation with their unique and cost-effective gear offering. Everest already has 1,000’s sellers selling gear like training shoes, golf equipment, tents, glasses, hunting gear, fishing equipment, and much more.

Everest is setting a new standard for how outdoor enthusiasts find and buy their gear. The company aims to establish the premier online platform for the outdoor industry, where sellers can sell outdoor equipment and other related goods while leveraging modern technology. The company has established a community of merchants, producers, distributors, and clients who interact, contribute, and conduct business free from bias.

Everest makes sure to incorporate the latest tools and technologies into the multi-merchant marketplace.  As a way of an example, camping gear on Everest has everything any camping lover needs, from tents and coolers to sleeping bags, and much more. The platform is not only known for high-quality gear but also stands out for unmatchable customer service and special discounts, especially via the membership program they call Caliber. Everest launched Caliber to bring their community together and offers their members amazing benefits on travel, gear discounts, free express shipping, and much more.

Bill Voss says, “Everest is a community of like-minded, conservation-loving, outdoor-living Americans. So, I built Everest to be a customer-centric, community-driven, multi-merchant marketplace to serve those who have a passion for getting outdoors. Everest is a place that supports the community and believes in passing down the great legacies passed on to us. Join the movement today in our efforts to become the world’s largest outdoor recreation community.”

About Everest:

Everest thrives in nature. They connect outdoor enthusiasts to outdoor sellers to spark the next adventure. The Everest platform is focused on amplifying the experiences of both customers and brands in the outdoor industry. They promote exploration, participation, and education to their customers. Everest helps brands of all shapes and sizes build relationships and trust with the outdoor community. Together, they’re building the outdoor marketplace dedicated to helping everyone climb their very own Everest.

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