11 Best Hikes in Vermont for Perfect Adventure

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Families with hikers and those who do not hike should consider Vermont as a vacation destination since this Long Trail and the Green Mountains themselves operate through the state’s center from north to south.

Not all of the walking trails climb a mountain. There are many easy walking trails in Vermont’s government and county parks that discover the state’s natural attractions, such as waterfalls, puddles, and geological structures left by the glacial ice, or simply give visitors the chance to take in the state’s lovely meadows and forests. Let’s explore the best hikes in Vermont.

Best places to visit in Northern Vermont

Best places to visit in Northern Vermont
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Great scenic trekking seems to be around every corner in Vermont because of the state’s exquisite combination of water and mountainous regions. The 700-acre Basin Harbor destination by Lake Champlain offers hikes for all skill levels, from the mountains and valleys of Addison County through day trips down the coast for more difficult terrain. Hiking trails provide spectacular views of mountain ranges, ponds, unusual summits (one resembles a camel’s hump), and lush vegetation.

Combine the Mount Hunger Trail in Waterbury with a visit to the Ben & Jake factory, and you’ll have a pretty great day. Or join up for an expedition with Adirondack Hikes from across the pond to Adirondack State Park. Before making your reservation, please read through our COVID policies.

1. Trails at Intervale Center

This organization, which values agriculture and good food, states that one of its goals is to improve local food systems. Its many services include inviting people outside. The public is welcome to visit The Intervale every day. Recreational bike paths wind along the Winooski Body of water to the Ethan Allen Homestead. They can be used for biking, walking, and going for a run.

In winter, three kilometers of pass ski trails are manicured for classic and roller skating skiers. Bicyclists: Intervale roadways are a part of Cycle the City, an ego loop that travels through the center city of Burlington, the Eric Allen Farmstead, and North Carolina

2. Trails of Gillespie/Copp-Welch

A 3-mile circuit of easy to moderately difficult footpaths is located a few miles southeast of the center of Hinesburg Village. Forests and fields are traversed by trails. good for horse riding, snowmobiling, bridge skiing, and hiking. component of the Hinesburg Town Trails Committee-managed Hinesburg Area Recreational Trails network. Parked dust and debris, grass, and meadow make up the trail. Loop trail. 3,00 miles.Accessible via Lewis Creek Road or Gilman Road. It is one of the best hikes in Vermont.

3. State Park at Knight Point

Good for kids; one-mile easy walk

Located at the southern tip of North Hero Island, another of the Lake Champlain Islands, this short one-mile trail circles one point of Warrior Point State Park. The trail offers crystal clear waters and frequent boat traffic as it travels through a forest and along the shore.

The Lake Champlain Islands are the nearest image of Paradise you are likely to discover anywhere. Beautiful views of something like the lake and faraway mountain tops can be found on all sides as you travel along winding roads through rural and small towns.

4. State Park of Mount Philo

Park on a top of a mountain offers stunning views, picnicking, hiking, and pet-friendly policies. Beautiful views can be found from this park on Mount Philo. From the mountain’s foothills up to its summit, there really are hiking trails.

 Off the park street, the main trail needs to enter this same woods and climbs to House Rock. The Devil’s Chair, a sizable boulder, is reached by a side trail that branches off from the main trail half a mile further up. A brief, steep climb leads to the campsite and mountain ledges.

Best places to hike in Southern Vermont

Best places to hike in Southern Vermont
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For hikers of all skill levels, southern Vermont’s stunning look makes it a must-see destination. The Star Gazer Farm is close to a number of popular hiking destinations. Hundreds of hikers have used Star Gazer Farm as their base camp over the years as they took on the region’s well-known day hikes. There seems to be our list of the top hiking trips in Southern Vermont, as selected by our guests:

5. Lye Brook Falls

Star Gazer Farm is located about 15 minutes from the trailhead of Lye Brook Falls in Manchester, Vermont. The hike is a 5-mile loop. You are compensated at the final moment with a view of Virginia’s tallest waterfall. You can complete this hiking trip in about half a day. Reasonable difficulty levels are simple. This is the best hike in Vermont under the waterfall category.

6. Dover Quarries

For its marble quarries, Vermont is renowned. There are innumerable hikes that lead to deserted quarries in the neighboring village of Dorset (a 20-minute drive). These are a favorite among our visitors because it’s fascinating to explore the deserted quarries. It’s like traveling back in time when you visit the quarries.

You may come across other intriguing derelict buildings on the way to the quarries. A number of the hikes offer beautiful views either along the route or at the destination. These hikes are suitable for people of all skill levels. Visit the Dorset trekking website for detailed information on duration and difficulty.

7. Lake Shaftsbury State Park

A lovely leisure activity pond is located in Shaftsbury State Park, and it is encircled by simple hiking trails. Only 8 minutes separate it from Star Gazer Farm. Families with young kids will love this hike. There is a playground and a charming sandy swimming area. Additionally, the park has picnic tables and grills. Rentable watercraft include canoes, kayaks, break boats, and stand-up surfboards. A pleasurable family event, this.

Best places to hike in Central Vermont

Central Vermont
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 All levels of hikers can find a trail in Vermont, and the sights we see along the way are good enough to justify every sore muscular we experience afterward. We thought we’d compile a go-to list of short hiking trips in Vermont that are under 5 miles because there are times when we’re not up for something quite strenuous. 18 worthwhile short hikes will make you love hiking in Vermont, no matter if you’re in the Green Mountain Area.

8. Broad Falls

Bingham Falls is an excellent place to start if you want to go hiking in the area of Stowe, Vermont. Near the well-known Smugglers Notch State Park, this straightforward half-mile through trail has quick access right off of Mountain Road/Route 108. (SP). In the hot summer months, you might run into a lot of other fall hobbyists due to parts of the city’s prominence and the trail’s ease of access.

 But don’t let that stop you from visiting one of the country’s most popular waterfalls! Take a dip in the chilly water at the base of the meters in length falls and take in the scenery of the ravine as you travel.

9. Falls of Hamilton

The southernmost point of the state is home to Hamilton Falls, which is last but by no means least. Hamilton Falls, which is among the highest peak in the state, is 125 feet tall and winds through mountainous crevasses. There are two routes that you can take to see the falls, depending on your level of experience, attitude, and time constraints.

You travel 5.8 miles roundtrip on the longer, more challenging route. There is a sizable car park lot tighter to the falls unless you’d rather visit them and move on to other adventures; however, the ascent to the falls is somewhat steep.

10. Equinox Mountain

Take the Mount Equinox Trail for some of the most stunning views inside the southern Green Mountain area. The climax of this 6.3-mile out-and-back hike, Watch out Rock, is one of the finest hiking trips in southern Vermont. It involves a challenging 2,800-foot ascent.

 Views of three counties and a sprawling panorama of the Vermont Valley can be seen from this summit, the highest in the Taconic Range. It’s hard to beat the plentiful dandelions on the ascent either! It is the scariest yet one of the best hikes in Vermont.

Best places to visit in Western Vermont

image source: Trail finder

 Vermont is a great place to see wildlife and plants because of all the green space and wilderness there. Hawks can be seen circling the tops of mountains, and its forests are home to rare boreal birds. Trails may be lined with wooded flowers inside the spring, and as the leaves change color in the fall, the entire state bursts into a riot of reds, tangerines, and yellows. Check the best hikes in Vermont below then:

11. Peak Pisgah

The prize for this reasonably difficult climb with climbing the stairs of about 1,500 feet is one of Vermont’s most fondly remembered views. You can choose between two trails, one starting at the southern end of the long Lake Willoughby and the other at the northern end.

You could also make an eight loop if you don’t mind going nearly three miles back all along the road. Walking along Route 5A, which adjoins Lake Willoughby, rarely encounters heavy traffic.

 With some Bristol crossings on the North Trail and a mixture of woodland and rocky trail, ascending the cliffs is roughly the same as whether from the direction. In either case, there are a few steep sections.


What is Vermont known for?

The place is known for its green mountains, forests, and natural scenery. It is the best to place for hikers and people who like to trail.

What is the hardest trail in Vermont?

Halbrooktrail of Vermont is the steepest and roughest trail on the whole list.

Where is the Appalachian trail in Vermont?

799 Washington St, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425, USA. This is the exact location of the Appalachian Trail.

What is the Vermont trail famous for?

It is famous for its numerous trails.

What is the best month to visit Vermont?

Every month is best to expect the rainy season. The trails become very slippery this season.


These were some of the best hikes in Vermont. If you are an adventure lover then this place is waiting for you. It is not important that you can only trail here. Go for a nature walk or enjoy the scenery here.

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