4-Stroke Dirt Bike Maintenance: Everything You Should Know!

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Let’s face it -technological advancements have made 4-stroke dirt bikes more powerful over the years. The 4-stroke engine’s power has increased, the weight has decreased, and they are now more efficient. 

But the truth is, these types of bikes still require maintenance. While a 4-stroke engine is not as labour-intensive as a 2-stroke one, it’s still important to know how to keep your 4-stroke bike in top condition.

So, if you’re clueless about your bike’s maintenance, we’ve got you. Read the below tips. They will certainly help!

The Coolant Matters

Because they have many moving parts, 4-stroke dirt bikes can be more complicated. These moving parts can heat up and cause problems on the track. 

The thing with coolant is, you can’t stop on the track and change it. You need to do that in your garage. 

The 4-stroke coolant is designed to lower the engine temperature and keep the engine parts from overheating and breaking down. If you often ride or visit the dunes, it is important to change your coolant frequently. 

Don’t Let The Tyre Pressure Drop

Tyre pressure is another important aspect of 4-stroke dirt bike maintenance. Between each ride, you should check your tyre pressure. 

Start by inspecting the tread for any visible damage, such as cracks or flat spots. Check the tires for any debris or nails stuck in them.

A pair of tyres can last most riders for 10,000 miles. However, it depends on how the dirt bike is used and what type of bike it is. The rear tyres last longer than those on the front.

Bike Maintenance

Check the Valve Stem

You must first check the pressure of the tyres. Next, inspect the stem of the valve. Here are the basics:

  • Unlike tyre holes or punctures, air leaks usually happen inside the valve system.
  • Dirt and debris in the valve can translate to seal gaps.
  • Make sure you have tightened the caps as you inspect the valve system.
  • If the stem is spinning, it’s time to inflate the tyre and reinstall it.

No Leaks!

You can spot oil and leaks quickly if your engine is clean. Oily drips and marks on the floor can be obvious signs of leakage. You may also notice dirty marks around the exhaust and cylinder. So, it would help if you inspected the brake callipers and brake fluid reservoirs for leakages.

Coolant pipes, radiators and the water pump gasket are all susceptible to leakage. It’s advisable to fix any leaks before you ride the bike.

Check If There Is Wear Damage

Dirt bikes come with a chain and sprocket. Dirt can cause damage to the bushings, and even worse, to the rollers. Lubricating the chain may seem like a good idea

However, it can sometimes lead to worsening the situation. The sticky substance formed by the lubricant attracts dirt. So, cleaning the chain is important to make inspections for damage much easier.

Also, look out for missing or eroded teeth. It is easy to identify worn sprockets. You can also look out for bent rear chain guides and belt sprockets. It is best to replace the chain and sprockets if you find them damaged. 

Inspect the Brakes

Brake pads will wear down over time as the material begins to degrade and the backing plate becomes brittle. When this happens, the brake rotor can be damaged by hardened steel. 

You could also end up with brakes that don’t work anymore. The solution? Inspect your motorcycle’s brake pads regularly.

Replace brake pads that lie in the 0.04 and 1.00mm thickness range. Some brake pads have indicator marks that disappear when they become worn out. 

This is a sign to replace them as soon as possible. You should also replace brake components such as the rotors.

Final Word on Dirt Bike Maintenance

4 or 2 strokes, proper maintenance of any dirt bike can be the difference between life and death. The same goes for Motocross gear. Make sure you have a full-face helmet, boots, goggles, jackets and a chest protector in your arsenal.

We’re sure the above tips will help you take proper care of your bike!

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