Christmas Eve Box: 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

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As the most wonderful time of the year knocking at your door, it’s time to start thinking about fun festive treats for your dearest one.

In the past few years, it becomes a trend to present Christmas eve boxes to your loved ones. It is an act of gifting someone you love a box of meaningful things on 24th December, one day ahead of the main celebration.

It can be given on December 1 which is the day after Thanksgiving. You can fill it with whatever goodies you like. It has become a yearly tradition and makes excitement the night before Christmas something special to look forward to! There is no doubt it makes it more fun and magical for your little one.

Who do you gift Christmas Eve boxes to?

The most amazing part of Christmas Eve boxes is that you can gift them to whoever you want. Also, you can put it inside the Eve box whatever you like. You can prepare the eve boxes for children filling with some sweets, chocolates, pajamas, a classic Christmas film, toys, etc.

If you plan to gift Eve boxes to adults then you can fill them with foodie treats, drinks, etc.

You can plan to get your children to sleep early at the night and realize that it is necessary for the arrival of Santa in your home. You can deliver Christmas Eve boxes to your neighbors’ at their doorstep without knowing them.

Finally, you can also gift a Christmas Eve box to your pet. On the day of Christmas, you will be busy in the kitchen. So, it is the time of showing your love for them.

How do you make a Christmas Eve box?

To make a sustainable Christmas, this is a great opportunity to upcycle something that you already have.  A Christmas Eve box can be made with some used containers you have. This might be a wooden box, wicker basket, pillow case, stoking, etc.

You can also use ribbon or recycled wrapping paper for making a bow on the box. You can also paint something over the cover page of the wrapper. You can also try hand stitching on the top of the wrapper.  

Where do you put it in the Christmas Eve box?

The options are endless as there are no limitations on what you can put inside Xmas Eve boxes. Here, we have just a few of our favorite ideas:


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It will be so amazing if your whole family will be dressed in similar pajamas in the festive. So, choose your preferred design and put a set into the Christmas Eve box and go to sleep. You can also put similar slippers inside the box.

And don’t forget about some special treats such as sweets, and hot chocolates, and whip up something delicious as dessert as you settle in at night. You must not forget to leave some out for Santa!


image source: the travel hack

You can spread out the excitement of the festival by keeping some toys inside the Christmas Eve box. You can choose festive teddies to put in. it will be a great choice. You can put the Eve box on the bed with a new lovable companion for the magical dreams on the night before Christmas.

Socks and Slippers

Socks and Slippers
image source: Pretty colorful life

You can opt for fluffy socks and a cozy pair of slippers. Your little one will love to sleep into these. But you can also go the extra mile by making some homemade ones. You will be setting a memorable Christmas Eve for your children.

A cozy blanket

A cozy blanket
image source: Amazone

You can bring a cozy, warm blanket that will finely fit inside your eve box. Blankets are also essential in winter, and this gorgeous knit will be displayed throughout the whole year at your home.

Hot Chocolate bombs

Hot Chocolate bombs
image source: Dayton.com

Hot chocolate is a special drink at Christmas. There are different kinds of hot chocolates are available in the market like vegan ones; one with marshmallows and sprinkles; one with unicorns. This is perfect for a chilly Christmas Eve.

Festive books

Festive books
image source: Mummy2twin

The festive books are not only for kids. These amazing festive books are full of festive tales. So, it also can be gifted to an adult as it is magical and nostalgic!

Personalized Christmas Decorations

Personalized Christmas Decorations
image source: Esty

Personalized Christmas decorations always win the hearts of kids, new couples, and friends. The idea of this Eve box will remain in the hearts for years to come.

If you are in a new relationship you can put a piece of personalized decoration inside the Eve box and your partner will cherish the memory your whole life.

Homemade scented Candles

Homemade scented Candles
image source: Hello nest

There is nothing better than opening a Christmas Eve box with a huge breeze of scented candles. When candles and wax are melted and that is scented with a candy cane, and winter spices, will make the box smell like Christmas.

Festive accessories

Festive accessories
image source: Playpenis

You can opt for some Christmas accessories and an ugly jumper for Christmas Eve. There is a large variety of accessories, you can pick up, keep in the Eve box and gift your loved ones.

You can pick sunglasses, watches, or some Christmas fun accessories that will make the Christmas family photo memorable.

Cute mug

Cute mug
image source: eBay

Whether it is creamy hot chocolate, cinnamon tea, or pouring your favorite beverages in a cute mug, it will have a better experience. There are some cute mugs available to purchase but if you want you can put a personalized cute mug inside an Eve box. This will enhance extra Christmas magic.


Christmas Eve box just makes the night before the main festival very special. You can also gift your loved ones some silly Christmas gifts for fun. Fill the Eve box with some items for your loved ones.

But you need to remember that the items don’t have too much cost of money. You can make some handmade items or can bake something to feel special. After all, it’s the ideas that will be counted.

Both the adults and kids will love seeing a little box. You can fill the boxes with some snacks or can pop a festive film inside it. Watch the happiness on their faces whiles they open the eve boxes.

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