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Choosing Colours to Revamp Your Kitchen

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Head to a typical hardware store, make a beeline for the paint aisle and you’re immediately struck by one thing:

The sheer range of colours, shades and hues on sale is borderline ridiculous.

Freedom of choice is not always a good thing, as it can leave you wondering where on earth to start. Precisely what tends to happen when planning a kitchen makeover, where selecting the right colour (or colours) to bring into your kitchen can seem like an impossible task.

From walls to cabinet doors to surfaces to splashbacks, every colour you bring into your kitchen will have a major impact on its look and feel. On the plus side, the whole thing can be simplified at least slightly by first considering what you want to achieve.

After which, you can set your sights on the categories of colours that best suit your goals.

Whether you are setting your sights on a new glass splashback or planning on treating your walls to a fresh coat of paint, here’s a brief overview of how the different groups of colours make you feel:

Warm Colours

Warm colours are those that are associated with an energising and invigorating feel, bringing brightness and positivity into the kitchen. Key examples of which include yellows, oranges and reds, which when chosen in the right hue can give the entire space the look and feel of a bright and sunny day.

Less can often be more when bringing a burst of brightness into a kitchen – perhaps a radiant orange splashback to complement a more neutral overall theme. Warm accents in general can be particularly eye-catching against a neutral backdrop.

Cool Colours

Meanwhile, cool colours are those that come together to create a space that is calming, relaxing and soothing. This can be particularly effective and attractive in the kitchen, where things have a habit of becoming chaotic and stressful.

Popular examples of cool colours for the kitchen include blue and green – both of which work best in a fairly subtle hue. Pale blue or green walls can be great, as can the strategic pairing of blue or green kitchen cabinets with a neutral backdrop. If you are looking to bring something bold and outspoken into your kitchen, consider a toughened glass splashback in a beautiful shade of blue.

Neutral Colours

Under no circumstances do neutral colours have to be boring. Quite the opposite, as neutral colours are just the thing for creating the perfect blank canvas to customise in any way you like. Opting for neutrals does not have to mean sticking exclusively with white. Off-whites, greys and silver hues in particular can be hugely effective in contemporary kitchens.

The predominant use of neutral colours gives the look and feel of a streamlined, understated and sophisticated kitchen. A space that can be subsequently brought to life with a beautiful burst of colour, perhaps in the form of a custom glass splashback installed in a strategic location.

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