5 Tips for Newborn Babies | Every Parent Must Follow

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Life with newborn babies can be magical, but it can also be overwhelming. So how do you care for such a small and needy creature? Where to find a guide to do it in the best possible way?

In part, over time, parents learn to detect and understand their baby’s needs, wants, and schedules. Caring for a newborn, a baby less than 28 days old, is not easy, but it is becoming more manageable, especially with the right advice at hand.

1. Feed your baby often

Newborns should be fed every one to every three hours to eat eight to 12 times in 24 hours. Frequent meals help newborns regain the weight they may have lost after birth. As your baby grows, he will gradually eat more at each feeding and eat less each day and night. Don’t worry if he doesn’t burp after eating. Babies burp when they need to.

2. Sleep when your baby sleeps and start a bedtime routine

Babies under one year old should always sleep on their back, never on their side or stomach, because sleeping on their back minimizes the risk of SIDS.

In the first few weeks, most babies wake up long enough to be fed and changed. Since babies are usually awake for short periods at night, for you to be well-rested as well, you should do your best to sleep when your baby sleeps. Some babies have a biological clock that they have not yet regulated and can sleep more during the day than at night

3. Bathe your baby safely, but not too often

Clean your baby’s stains every day around his mouth, neck, and groin, basically anywhere he gets dirty. As for baths, once or twice a week is enough. Doing it too often can lead to dry skin or eczema in babies.

4.How often should you bathe your baby?

To wash a baby before the umbilical cord stump falls off, which usually occurs 5 to 15 days after birth, sponge baths should be given. To do this, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends wrapping your baby in a towel and laying him down on a soft, flat surface.

First, wipe her face with a clean, wet washcloth (you don’t want to use soap because it could get into her eyes or mouth), then apply a small amount of baby soap to the washcloth and gently wipe the rest of her body.

5. When your baby is awake, bond with him and calm him down

One of the best ways to bond with a baby when they are awake is through skin-to-skin contact, for example, by resting their naked torso on your chest. Studies have shown that babies who experience skin-to-skin connection immediately after birth are more likely to exhibit healthier heart and respiratory tests. Talk to your baby regularly, and since babies are nearsighted, bring your face closer to his so he can see you better.

Request support

 If you are struggling with such a transition, ask your partner for help or reach out to other family members or close friends. But if your mood swings are severe, you don’t sleep much, or you sleep too much, or you feel like you can’t do your daily tasks, talk to your doctor right away to get the help you need. So if you have a newborn baby at your home, you need to be more careful of him/her. Also, sometimes you have to make changes in your habit so that newborns feel comfortable at home. As the baby is a new member of the family, so it is responsible for all members to take care of him.

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