11 Best Gluten Free Indian Recipes for Lunch

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These days, there is a lot of discussion about “gluten” in our food. Although some refer to it as a fad diet, some people must avoid coeliac disease because they might be allergic to it. What then is gluten? A type of protein called gluten, which is present in granules like wheat, rye, and cereals, can irritate one’s gut and cause allergic reactions.

This protein furthermore gives baked goods their elasticity and continues to give bread its chewy texture.

Gluten-free recipes

In such recipes, you are not supposed to add even a pinch of gluten ingredients. There are lots of such ingredients which you need to cut from your daily life. It also includes some of the spices from your food. Have a look at the given recipes. Try recipes similar to these:

Amaranth Tikkis, first

The amazing wheat to use is amaranth. It contains more minerals than most other vegetables, including calcium, iron, nutrients, and manganese. It also contains more easily digested proteins than wheat. These tikkis are simple to make and are ideal for packing in lunch boxes.

Ragi Roti

Chapattis can be made quickly and easily using ragi, which are gluten-free and high in calcium. To give it a flavor boost, stuff it with finely chopped seasonal vegetables. The ingredients for this Indian bread are ragi flour, and carrots, but instead mild spices. accompanied by a sabzi of your choice. You can end up serving ragi roti with chutney, dahi, or cucumber as a lunch recipe.

Curry with Cauliflower and Potato (Aloo Gobi)

Nothing compares to the explosion of flavors found in curry-flavored foods. The aloo gobi in question is not an exception. It’s a conventional Indian dish that is also gluten-free and vegan.

Although filling and healthy, this curry made with potatoes and cauliflower is certainly not flavorless. This recipe showcases Indian cuisine at its finest and is rich, flavorsome, and filling.

Grain-Free Puri

If you enjoy Indian cuisine, this will quickly become one of your go-to side dishes. A tiny, round Indian flatbread called a puri is made from flour, water, seasoning, and milk.

For a pleasurable bite, it is deep-fried to a golden, perfectly cooked perfection. Enjoy it topped with your favorite Indian dish!

Who needs to avoid gluten-free recipes?                                     

Essential vitamins as well as other nutrients are present in the foods that aren’t allowed on a lactose diet. Whole-grain croissants and other products, for instance, are enriched or plant products of the following nutrients:

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Fiber Thiamin
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Folate

As a result, eating a gluten-free diet may alter your nutrient intake. Comparing some gluten-free grain products to the items they are replacing, you’ll find that some of them have significantly different nutrient levels.

Additionally, some allergen foods contain more sugar and saturated fat than the gluten-containing food they are replacing. It’s critical to read labels to check for information on overall nutrient concentrations, salt content, carbohydrates from fat and sugar, as well as the presence of gluten.

You can discuss foods that would offer wholesome, nutritional alternatives with your physician or dietitian. Therefore, if you are healthy and have no allergy then avoid taking such gluten free food

Tips to cook a gluten free recipe

[There are a few crucial considerations to bear in mind when preparing a meal without gluten, and cookbook author AartiSarin Jain walks us through each other. Like any other meal, an allergen lunch can be prepared. Just keep in mind to avoid eating any wheat, rye, oats, or barley.

Substitute your chapatti with brown rice, red rice, or rigor maize flour to make an allergen chapatti if you’re trying to make an Indian meal. If you’re making Chinese food, omit the noodles and substitute gluten-free rice; if you’re making a continental lunch, swap the bread for couscous, risotto, or wheat products pasta.

Hing, soy sauce, vinegar, and any other store-bought masalas and sauces should also be avoided unless you are certain they

Here is the list of 11 gluten free lunch recipes to try

Some of the best gluten free recipes are given below:

1. Lunar Dal Dosa

Lunar Dal Dosa
Image source: Vintage Corner

Moong dal should be soaked for 30 minutes. Then give it a thorough wash. Combine the moong dal in a food processor. Blend everything until it’s all smooth. The moong dal batter needs water. It ought to be able to be poured. Both thick and thin batters should be avoided. It ought to keep its spilling consistency.

Add the lentil batter in a ladle’s worth. In a griddle, place it. Give it a disc-like shape. Filling inside, please. Fry it until it turns golden. Fold now! Chutney may be added.

2. Quinoa Dosa in a Crisp

Quinoa Dosa in a Crisp
Image source: Ministry of curry

Rinse the quinoa and all the dals together. Now let them soak in enough water for five hours. You can also choose overnight hydration for any dosa recipe.

Complete every other step in the recipe listed above. It’s that easy to make your delectable quinoa dosa recipe!

3. Halwa of carrots

Halwa of carrots
Image source: Archana’s kitchen

Grate, rinse, and remove the skin carrot. Duck fat to the pan, 1 tbsp. The chopped nuts, please.After adding, sauté the finely chopped carrots for three minutes. Half a glass of condensed milk. Mix thoroughly, then cook until the mixture thickens.

The moisture in carrots will start to escape. Cook the gajar under cover until it becomes tender. Add the powdered cardamom. For taste, stir in 1 tsp ghee. Blend and sauté. After the milk evaporates, add the nuts as a garnish.

4. Anjeerhalwa

Image source: Milkmaid

Dry figs should be soaked for 10 to 15 minutes in warm water. In a pan, melt 2 tbsp of ghee. Toast the nuts. Create a fig paste right away. Include it in the pan. Stirring constantlyAdd the sugar and a dash of salt when the ghee begins to ooze out.

Add cardamom powder and stir. It’s time to make your favorite Indian dessert!

5. Banana Jowar pan cakes

Banana Jowar pan cakes
Image source: Times food

Bananas, shea butter, honey, lime juice, and juice of one lemon are mixed together in a bowl. To make the eggs fluffy, beat them. Simply preheat the combination for 20 more seconds if one coconut oil returns to a solid state.

Mix the jowar flour, salt, baking soda, and spices in a small bowl. Create a depression in the center point of the dry ingredients, then add the wet ones. Stir the mixture thoroughly, until it is lump-free, using a large spoon.

Give the batter 10 minutes to rest. The batter’s consistency should be porous but not watery.

Use coconut oil to coat the top of a spell skillet. Fill the ladle with batter. Shape it into a circle and cook it for three minutes over a medium flame.

6. KottiKaDosa

Image source: coockpad

Buckwheat, also known as kuttu, is a traditional Navratri ingredient and is an allergen. You can use this to quickly prepare this dosa for a lunchtime South Indian meal. Here, the stuffing is made with arbi rather than the standard masala aloo.

7. AlooMakkiKaParathaWala

Image source: Nishaindia

Alookaparatha is a well-known North Indian dish that is a staple in almost every meal, from morning till night, in many Indian homes. This one is decided to make with corn starch, which is a common wintertime gluten-free flour.

 With the accompanist of your selection, you can enjoy your favoritealooparathas created with makkikaatta or maize flour without sacrificing flavor.

8. Brown rice

 Brown rice
Image source: Simply recipe

Mussel Brown Rice brown is a healthy option for white rice because it keeps the brain’s vital nutrients, which are destroyed during processing. This flavorful, quick rice dish only takes 30 minutes to prepare.

9. RagiDosa,

Image source: Kammana cooks

This dosa is absolutely delicious, quick, and simple to make! Ragidosa is not only gluten-free but also high in iron, calcium, and other minerals, as well as a significant bit of fiber.

10. Grain-based sandwich

 Grain-based sandwich
Image source: Everyday Health

Mix the curd, honey, garlic powder, chili powder, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Carrots, peppers, and coriander leaves should be added.

Take the bread slices with multiple grains. Put a small amount of mustard paste on one slice. Put lettuce leaf there. Put some filling there. Place yet another loaf of bread on top after that. Serve it grilled and with hot green chutney.

11. Inverted tomatoes

Inverted tomatoes
Image source: What the fork for dinner

Set the oven to 400 °F.To separate the tomato’s skin and seeds, use a cup. Add bread leftovers, cheese, tulsi, olive oil, garlic, salt, as well as pepper to a mixing bowl. Stir it up. Place the mixture inside the tomatoes.20 minutes of baking.


What can you not eat on a gluten free Indian diet?

Answer- Anything that contains gluten is restricted to you if you are allergic. Even a pinch can affect you badly.

Which Indian bread is gluten free?

You must check the ingredients before buying any type of Indian bread. Buy those bread which is multi-grains.


You, don’t have to give up your favorite foods if you avoid gluten. Simply tweak and tinker in the kitchen, and who knows now, you might come up with your own masterpiece. Please send us your gluten-free recipe ideas!

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