10 Best Cartoon Characters in Television History

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Originating in the Middle Ages, the cartoon form of illustration began as a preparatory drawing for the employment of art, such as an image, fresco, or tapestry. Typically drawn in an unrealistic and semi-realistic style, a cartoon is an illustration that entered the common collective consciousness through its appearances accompanying satirical articles. Initially, the use typical of cartoons was to precisely relate the components of the composition of a fresco when painted on wet plaster for a sequence of days. Cartoons can be generally divided into two categories: female cartoon characters and leader cartoons. 

The biggest singular breakthrough came in the cartoon world with the advent of moving animation. As soon as cinema began to incorporate animation into its overwhelming sphere, cartoons emerged as a distinct art form in and of itself, largely due to its exponential demand from audiences. There are many cute cartoon characters With this inseparable connection to the world of animation, the word “cartoons” has come to describe the same thing familiarly. However, the language is also constantly evolving. Soon enough, the word “cartoons” changed its definition slightly to refer specifically to television shows aimed at children, possibly featuring anthropomorphic animals, superheroes, and adventures of children protagonists.

Here’s the top 10 Cartoon Series:


The creator of the most famous rabbit on television is Tex Avery. Bugs Bunny is one of the main characters of the Looney Tunes cartoons. The prototype for Bugs was Happy Rabbit, which first saw the light of day on April 30, 1938, 90s cartoon characters. It is believed that the personality of this character is strongly influenced by Groucho Marx, getting to pronounce phrases of this one in his appearances. In 2002, TV Guide named Bugs Bunny the greatest cartoon of all time, which he shares with Mickey Mouse.

2. Mickey Mouse 

Mickey Mouse is the pioneering character and star of Walt Disney. Its fame is such that it serves as the emblem of the company itself. November 18, 1928, was devised by its creator, although it is unknown whether it was Walt Disney or the cartoonist Ub Iwerks. However, the voice of the iconic character was for a time that of Walt Disney himself. Since his birth, Mickey has starred in movies, cartoons, series, video games, comic strips, and all kinds of audiovisual formats.

3. Homer-Simpson

He is the protagonist of the well-known series The Simpsons. It is the only one of its male cartoon characters that have appeared in ALL the chapters that have been issued. Matt Groening drew it, and it made its screen debut on April 19, 1987. As a result, homer has become the most influential character of all time, coming to be named “the greatest comic creation” by the British newspaper The Sunday Times.


The first time that The public saw the Pink Panther was in the credits of the eponymous film by Blake Edwards. In that movie, the pink panther was a diamond. Friz Freleng was the cartoonist in charge of bringing it to life after seeing the success he had achieved in his first appearance. Time magazine took it on the cover the same year it was created, promoting its first short film. On April 13, 1964, the Oscar ceremony was held, in which he received the award for the best animated short film.

5. Mafalda

The cartoonist Quino was in charge of giving life to this famous character in 1963. After being devised for other purposes, Mafalda soon begins to be the protagonist of an Argentine comic strip, with which he reaps great success. Mafalda represents that new progressive youth of the Argentine middle class, and that is the key by which the character has achieved such worldwide relevance. His personality is strong and determined; he is another of the most influential animated characters, especially for the Spanish-speaking public.

6. Peter-Flintstones

Pedro Flintstone is the protagonist of the series The Flintstones. The series portrays the North American society of the 20th century, set in a fictional Stone Age. Pedro Flintstone is Vilma’s husband and Pablo’s best friend. On September 30, 1960, he saw the light for the first time, accompanied as always by the rest of his family. Hanna-Barbera was the producer in charge of making this series, which soon became famous, especially among adult audiences. This was so due to the type of themes dealt with by the characters. There are some cartoon characters with glasses with great roles and are really funny.

7. Tom and Jerry

The first time Tom and Jerry appeared on screen was during the short film called Puss Gets the Boot. This first short would be nominated for an Oscar award. In that appearance, Tom was called Jasper, and Jerry was known as The Mouse. In their next appearance, The Midnight Snack, they both adopted the original name they are known today. Tom and Jerry belong to the Hanna-Barbera production company, formed by the tandem of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

8. Sponge Bob

Stephen Hillenburg, producer, animator, and marine biologist, was the creator of this series. The creator began the process of developing the series in 1984. On May 1, 1999, the pilot episode premiered in North America, and in 2000 it reached its maximum success, which is still with it today. It is currently broadcast on Nickelodeon has girl cartoon characters, although many channels around the world own the exhibition rights. In 2007, Time magazine called it one of the greatest television shows in all of history.

9. Scooby-Doo

Scooby-Doo is the protagonist of the series Scooby-Doo. Where are you? , aired for the first time in the 70s. Although it may seem exaggerated, many people worked to devise the concept on which the series would be based and the characteristics of the protagonists. Hanna and Barbera, along with Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, were the ones who designed the plot lines of the series, as well as the conception of the personality of the protagonists. The Great Dane ended up starring in multiple shows that have continued to air today.

10. Doraemon

Doraemon is a manga. It is considered one of the most famous manga and anime in all of history. Hiroshi Fujimoto created the original character in 1969. The cosmic cat gets its name due to the contraction of “Dora,” which comes from the Japanese sweet dorayaki, and the suffix “emon,” widely used during the time of the samurai. The cosmic cat comes to the aid of his co-star Nobita. Unfortunately, despite being known worldwide for the television series, this character has not managed to make his less loyal followers know the details of his personality.

Here’s the top 10 cartoon characters:

1. Black cartoon characters

Whether you grew up with these characters or saw them on reruns, all the best Black cartoon characters from Fat Albert to Carl Karlsson are here. Some people have an interesting story. Black anime characters have played many roles over the years, and some even made history. For example, Disney headlined the movie The Princess and the Frog in 2009. This was the first Disney animated film to feature an African-American princess. But, of course, the animated African-American character was popular long before Disney decided to create it. Kids in their late 60s and early 70s may remember seeing some of the best black anime characters in Fat Albert and Cosby Kids, Tiana, frozone, rilye, black panter, huey freeman, Susie Carmichael.

2. Fat cartoon characters

This list is a collection of the best fat cartoon characters ranked by TV fans who know the difference between big bones and overweight. Many cartoon series feature fat cartoon characters, so we have collected the best obese cartoon characters in classic and contemporary show shows.

3. Blue cartoon characters

Of course, blue and blue cartoon characters are not naturally occurring in nature, except for the cold Florida springs where blue-flavored Gatorade is harvested and bottled directly from the sauce. Ancient Greeks do not have the word blue, it is the last color to appear in most languages. “Blue Raspberry” is not real because it was too late to grow up. Butterflies and birds look blue with reflective debris but no blue pigment. I didn’t even have blue eyes. 

4. Ugly cartoon characters

It’s not just that the characters aren’t drawn well. If so, South Park will take the cake. However, South Park is very well written, and the lack of effort in the animation sector is often overlooked. So instead, this list contains characters that are ugly cartoon characters to see in any situation.

5. Bald cartoon characters

When you revealed the first image of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor at the next birth of Batman V Superman Justice, the first question people asked was, “Why isn’t he bald? “was. Almost the same reaction as when James McAvoy was cast as X-Men: First Class Professor X.

Sometimes it looks like bald cartoon characters to add to the character’s image, but vice versa. Can you imagine a character like Professor X or a watcher with hair? 

6. Dog cartoon characters

Some of the dog cartoon characters of all time are anthropomorphic dogs. From superheroes like Underdog to cowardly villains like Muttley, cartoon dogs display the full range of human fallibilities, humor, and emotions. You are sure to find the correct name for your canine companion of one of your favorite doggy heroes.

7. Purple cartoon characters

Cartoon with purple letters. Her skin and hair aren’t purple, but her Catwoman is purple, sexy, and a powerful icon, so include her. See purple, purple cartoon characters, more ideas about cartoons.

 Fictional Serpents, a subsidiary of the Fictional Animals List, is a collection of several notable serpentine characters in various fiction works.

8. Green cartoon characters

favorite pizza eaters, as well as advocates and vigilantes of New York City law and order, are back. They have the names of painters, artists, renaissances, dominant martial arts, and their sense of humor (sometimes childish, that’s true) is theirs; of course, there are minor problems, Culture that may not be in terms of fan club popularity. They are turtles they are green cartoon characters. From comics to animation, the weirdest movies of the ’90s, and the amazing Mutant Ninja Turtle, who jumped into Michael Bay’s blockbuster (as a producer) for a couple of years.

9. Nickelodeon cartoon characters

When it comes to manga, nickelodeon cartoon characters will do their best. From adorable sponges with pet snails to secretly fairy goldfish kids, Nick Toon perfectly shapes pop culture. And even better, many of them are back, thanks to fan protests against reboots, spin-offs, and remakes.

10. Asian cartoon characters

The greatest Asian cartoon characters in movies and television. The list includes various actors and actresses, as well as some cartoon characters. The proper Asian representation in Hollywood has lacked for quite some time, but new shows and films have begun with a wider variety of cast members than ever before. The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, and Office characters feature vital Asian characters. In new shows like Fresh Off the Boat, the entire main cast is Asian.

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