Choose the 5 Best BMX Bikes for Racers

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Motocross (or BMX) bikes have evolved from the humble beginnings of the late 1970s and have a more or less standardized design that everyone can recognize. Close your eyes, and you will see a 20-inch, completely robust, and easy to handle wheel. There is a thick handlebar for as much control as possible, and on some model inserts on the sides of both wheels (no longer called inserts). You can choose the best bmx bikes according to their specification.

The final design certainly excels at the task, such as walking in the park, doing dirt jumps, doing other things that can be equipped with tires, etc. A top bmx bike can certainly withstand high-frequency use, which is great for those who cannot afford to maintain the bike carefully.

Want to add two agile wheels to your bike fleet? These are the perfect BMX bikes for parks, roads, and land.

1. BMX2020 Tall Order Ramp

Price: £ 289.99 – £ 299.99 (€ 318 – € 329)

Size: 16 “, 18”, 20.3 “, 20.8”

Tall Order is Sebastian’s “bus” bicycle company. This rider certainly influences the great ramp. Its branding is mainly geared towards transitions, and the ramp models help beginners learn the basics of skateparks. The lamp uses a closed gear to protect the rear gear mechanism from dust and dirt. This extends the life of your bike, which is rarely seen on bikes in this price range.

2. Subrosa Tire

Price: £ 369.99 (€ 405)

Size: 20.5 “

Tiro is an institution of the Subrosa brand and has, of course, turned out to be a starting bike for many. One of the highlights of this bike is the availability of XL variants designed for older than average people approaching BMX. The 20.5-inch top tube with standard tires and the 21-inch XL version cover many market needs, both with the same Subrosa and Rant component sets that provide a solid riding foundation.

Visit the website for more information and news.

3. Fiend type B

Price: £ 469.99 (€ 516)

Size: 20.75 “

As the price and quality go up, it becomes an evil type B. At this point, you really start to realize the direction of the bike design. The bmx freestyle was designed with road driving in mind, heavily influenced by brand founder and X-Games gold medalist Garrett Reynolds. Equipped with two pegs and a sturdy gear, this bike is ready to roll on the walls and railings that loom in front of you. It also has a full set of sealed bearings that allow the wheels to spin longer than necessary.

For more information and news, visit the website.

4. Fit Augie

Fit Augie

Price: £ 529.99 (€ 582)

Size: 20.75 “

If you want to combine retro-chic and modern technology, Augie from Fit Bikes pre-assembled with BMX is for you. The flashy chrome plating and set of barrels and joysticks are reminiscent of California kids of the ’70s walking through mud and dust, sometimes with aliens in the trash. But it’s not just the look that surprises you. It is the first bike to feature a frame made entirely from Chromoly steel, the same ultralight material used in aircraft construction. You can also know the font used for the bar and guide blocks. It’s the same as the Dior brand, which was modeled after the Austin Aussie rider, who gave the bike his name. An unexpected encounter between fashion and BMX.

For more information and news, visit the website

5. Kink Williams

Price: £ 589 (€ 646)

Size: 21 “

Are you looking for a professional bike model? That Nathan Williams is hard to beat

The Pro Kink Williams model is a relatively new innovation in the BMX world and makes perfect sense as an adult bmx bike. With the rapid advancement of equestrian skills (thanks to the ever-increasing world-class facilities), who wouldn’t want a bike that is ready for anything from the moment it leaves the store? Kink Williams is based on the full Kink model and additional components from Cinema, another sponsor of Nathan Williams. In short, you are riding the same bike as one of the best street riders in the world.

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