Why You Should Get the Mercedes Benz G550 Rental

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Luxury car rental firms have changed the car rental business for the better. Unlike in the past, you will find a wide range of luxury rides to choose from. You may be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best luxury ride for a business trip, wedding, or prom night.

You will find anything from the Lamborghini to the Tesla X, but one of the best budget luxury rides is the Mercedes G550. This beast is known for its off-road abilities and holds its own when cruising along the highways. It is quite fast for its size, so don’t worry, you will hold your own against drivers with smaller cars.

The looks, design, and build of the G550 also make it fit for official events such as weddings or business trips. Here are more reasons why you should get the Mercedes Benz G550 rental.

Mercedes Benz G550 Review

The Mercedes Benz G550’s design and build mimic that of old-school military vehicles. This car is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that delivers exceptional performance on both on and off-road terrains. This separates it from other SUVs such as the Escalade and some Range Rover models.

The interior is also magnificent with all the modern features and tools you will find in any Mercedes model. In addition to the leather seats, the G550 also has a great infotainment unit and a powerful surround system to keep the driver and passengers entertained.

The car also comes with a limited-time subscription to Mercedes-Benz’s connected car services, allowing you to track the car and start the engine remotely. Other features include a 12-inch screen that has navigation and Apple CarPlay integration. There are also two USB ports and a MicroSD card reader.

Despite being a heavy SUV, the G550 is quite fast. Recent tests show that this beast can go from 0-60mph in under six seconds. This car also has great balance thanks to the hill-hold control feature and four-wheel disc brakes that allow you to maneuver sharp bends without tipping over.

Mercedes Benz G550
Mercedes Benz G550

Renting a Mercedes Benz G550

As mentioned before, the G550 is perfect for both official and non-official events. Renting the Mercedes Benz G550 for a day costs around $800 USD. However, you will also have to factor in the refundable security deposit fees.

You can also rent this car for photo or video shoots. The rates may vary depending on how long your video or photoshoot will take. We recommend visiting luxury car rental firms where you can find out more about the rental rates.

The Mercedes Benz G550 is perfect if you are looking for an off-road SUV. It is spacious with enough legroom and headroom, which is great for long road trips. The car also has enough luggage space to carry at least two big suitcases and a couple of backpacks. However, you can also fold the rear seats to get extra luggage room.

Other Factors to Consider

You need to consider a couple of things when renting any luxury ride. First, make sure you have your budget ready before looking at what the market offers. Your budget will help you find the best deal for your money without blowing your budget.

The Mercedes Benz G550 is an automatic car, so you don’t need any special training to drive it. However, you must have a driver’s permit and be over 25 years old. However, if you don’t meet these requirements, you can hire a professional chauffeur.

Also, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the contract before picking the car. Luxury cars are costly and most car rental firms charge hefty fines if you exceed the mileage or hours.

Wrapping Up

The Mercedes Benz G550 is an elegant ride with great performance and incredible fuel economy. You can find a Mercedes Benz G550 for rental from any luxury car rental service within your town. Make sure you do intense market research to find the best deal.

Great handling and safety features make it easy for newbie drivers to control and maneuver corners easily when cruising at top speeds. You can still hire a professional chauffeur to drive you around if you don’t have a driver’s license or are not conversant with the city roads.

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