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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Home is Clean and Safe

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A huge part of taking care of yourself and your family is in maintaining a clean and safe home environment. How can we know if our homes are truly clean and safe to live in?

A lot of this comes down to the cleanliness of our homes and the air we breathe inside. There are. Few things you can do each year to maintain good hygiene in your home and keep yourself and your family safe, happy, and healthy all year long. Here are some ideas to get started.

Check for Pests

The reality is that pests are not always visible! There’s always the potential for insects or even rodents to make their homes within your home and compromise your space.

Not all pests are inherently unhygienic or dangerous, but maintaining a pest-free home is a good measure to take for safety and cleanliness anyway. You could investigate rodent control,Atlanta, or whichever area you’re in to humanely take care of any rodents in your home.

Use Airtight Containers

Since we might not always be aware of pests and insects in our homes, it’s a good idea to make sure your food is protected from weevils, beetles, and other creepy crawlies. You can do this by investing in airtight containers for your dry, pantry goods like flour, oats, and rice.

You could also consider storing these ingredients in the freezer since this won’t affect their texture, will prevent bugs from getting into them, and will even preserve them for longer so you don’t waste them.

It’s also a good idea to always ensure food is packed away quickly and not left out on counters for too long as this is a sure-fire way to attract bugs.

Regular Deep Cleaning

We all know that our weekly cleaning routine is important to keep dust at bay and keep the bathrooms nice and clean. However, every home has those hard-to-reach places and areas that never seem to be prioritized.

Implement a deep cleaning schedule where you tackle bigger jobs, address any potential mold, clean behind furniture and appliances and wash items that don’t get a lot of attention – such as your sofa or mattress.

Get Professional Cleaning

Some things should just be left to left to the professionals. Things like carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, pool cleaning, and even pressure washing the exterior of your home are important to do on a semi-regular basis, but not all of us have the right equipment to do a thorough job.

Hiring a professional cleaning service for these tasks every so often will give you that peace of mind.

Invest in an Air Purifier

A final tip is to invest in an air purifier. These devices pull the air in your home through a filter that helps to eliminate allergens and other bacteria, smoke, or particles that could be damaging to your lungs and health.

This is a great way to ensure that the air you are breathing is clean and healthy.

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