Top 5 Accessories for The Ultimate Off-roading Adventure

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​​Taking your 4×4 off-roading is always an adventure! Before you set out on your trip it is a good idea to make sure that your 4×4 is kitted out with off-roading accessories.

We will explore the top 5 off-roading car accessories so you can get an idea of what you can do to make your trip run smoothly. When you are out on the dirt road you can encounter issues along the way. With these 5 off-roading parts and accessories set up, we guarantee you will have an easier ride.

We never like to think about what may go wrong when off-roading but if you are prepared for a flat tire or getting stuck in the sandy dunes, you will be able to handle any eventuality easily. With these handy tips, you won’t feel at a loss when you’re out off-roading. We would also like to inform you of some handy information. 

People usually buy 4x4s second-hand and often are not aware that you can get warranties on cars that are second-hand or that have alterations. If the upgrades are done by a licensed shop then most of the time you can get coverage for those cars.

Getting an extended car warranty on your 4×4 is a good idea, as you will be covered for mechanical breakdowns. With an extended warranty in place and these 5 handy accessories readily available in your 4×4 you will be set for the off-road adventure of the century!

5 Off-roading Car Accessories

1. Installing a Winch on your 4×4

A winch is usually used in vehicle recovery. As soon as you find your 4×4 stuck in either mud or loose sand or in a dip in the road, with a winch, which is usually attached to your front bumper, getting out of a sticky situation will be easy. Winches are wound-up cables on a device used for lifting and creating more tension to release your car from its stuck point. 

Winches are usually operated by an electric motor connected to your car’s battery or power steering pump. This lets the device rotate the cable easily. You attach the other end of the cable to a tree or boulder and put the device on so it can rotate and pull your car out from where it’s stuck.

Sometimes you will find yourself stuck when out for a 4×4 adventure and there is no object in sight that you can attach the other end of your winch to. If this is the case, from personal experience, you can attach your winch cable end to your spare tire and then walk about 6 feet from your car and bury the tire in the sand so it forms an anchor. 

Make sure you bring a shovel with you on all your excursions. Shovels come in very handy for digging out tires when you are stuck. You can use your shovel to dig a hole to put your spare tire in. Put the winch on and wait for the device to set your car free. Off-roading accessories such as the winch make getting unstuck easy! 

2. Purchase a Tire Repair Kit Ahead of Your Off-roading Trip

Before you set out off-roading, it’s a good idea to consider that you may have a flat tire on your journey. We recommend buying a heavy-duty tire repair kit. In a tire repair kit for 4x4s, there are certain tools that usually come with the standard offering. A tire repair kit should include:

  • ·   Rubber strips
  • ·   Spiral probe
  • ·   Insertion tool
  • ·   Insertion needle change
  • ·   Hexagon wrenches
  • ·   Knife
  • ·   Valve core tool
  • ·   4 valve caps for the tires
  • ·   4 plastic tire valve extenders
  • ·   4 hexagon tire valve caps
  • ·   4 valve cores
  • ·   Tire gauge
  • ·   An accessory storage box
  • ·   Lubricant for sealing purposes
  • ·   Scissors

With a tire repair kit in your arsenal, you will be prepared if you get a flat on rugged terrain. 

3. Purchase a Mechanic’s Heavy Duty Tool Set Ahead of Your Off-road Trip

It’s also valuable to have a separate box of mechanic tools that can be used at any time. Before you head out on your off-roading journey make sure your mechanic’s tool set is packed in. A Mechanic’s Tool Set for off-roading will typically include a selection of:

  • ·   Sockets
  • ·   Wrenches
  • ·   Hex keys
  • ·   Screwdriver bits
  • ·   Screwdriver
  • ·   Allen keys

Having a host of tools with you in your car prepares you for when you need them most. These tools complement the tools found in your tire repair kit and offer a few more tools that may come in use on the open road.

Socket wrenches will help you loosen the nuts on your tires when removing one in the case of a flat. If you need to tinker in the engine as you know how to do so due to a breakdown, these tools will be very welcome. 

You can even use these tools around the house for chores and fixes that need to be done. We all know that owning a set of tools for 4×4 excursions and home handy work is a worthwhile investment. Off-roading parts and accessories such as a mechanic’s tool kit prepare you for a problem you may encounter.

4. Installing an Auxiliary (Secondary) Battery for Lights and Fridges

Installing a secondary battery involves creating a dual battery system. A secondary battery is used alongside the car’s starter battery. The secondary battery powers the auxiliary gear and accessories.

Each battery functions in isolation. When your 4×4 is running, the starter battery works in conjunction with the alternator to power up the car and electronics. 

When your 4×4 is switched off, the secondary battery powers up all the gear and accessories on your car. You can power up a fridge, lights, and inverters and the car doesn’t have to be running. There is an isolator that disconnects the starter battery from the secondary battery, so only one battery draws power at a time.

Your auxiliary battery is likely to use a deep-cycle battery. Deep cycle batteries are made to handle being discharged and recharged without getting damaged. A deep cycle battery will power up your accessories and won’t run the battery dry. 

The benefits of a secondary battery are clear. There is increased power if you want to use your winch. You can change your secondary battery with solar panels should you invest in them. This is a handy idea too. You can enjoy peace of mind should the primary battery fail, you have a secondary option.

Overall it can be seen that accessories for 4×4 off-roading such as the secondary battery installation would come in very handy. You can keep all your food and drinks cold in the fridge, you can run extra lights and inverters. Also, if the starter battery fails, as mentioned your secondary battery can be used and will definitely save the day!

5. GPS System for Navigation 

The benefits of having a GPS system in your car when off-roading is evident. With a GPS you will never get lost, no matter how remote the trail you are taking is. You can explore the 4×4 routes with confidence. You can plan ahead, and check the roads you want to take and the altitude.

You can avoid roads that are too treacherous or that are too steep for your 4×4. The best off-roading GPS devices have in-built communication. If you have no signal on your phone you can use your GPS to contact someone. 

The different types of GPS Systems

Smart devices used for GPS Purposes

Most phones and tablets support GPS apps, which can be cheap. You can download apps and geo-tag photos. Most phones require a signal for GPS operation so this is rather inconvenient and won’t work in some cases. The GPS will also run the battery down faster. 

In-dash GPS Systems

Most modern vehicles come with built-in GPS devices. The negative of this is that they are normally locked to a provider and don’t allow you to download new maps or software. 

Portable GPS Units

These units have smaller displays but can fit in your pocket and are portable. The superior GPS devices are hardy and have good battery life. Some models have a compass, an altimeter, and built-in satellite phones. It can be seen that investing in a GPS system is a good idea. Choose the type that suits you best. 

Bonus: Car Mats and Liners

The car mats and liners are a must-have for the Ultimate Off-roading Adventure. You can use them to protect your car’s interior from dirt, dust, and water when you are driving on bumpy roads and to help keep your car clean and tidy. You can also use them as makeshift tarps when you need to set up camp in the middle of nowhere.

These accessories are usually made of rubber, but some car mats and liners are made of a fabric that is water-resistant.

Wrap Up:

With these 5 accessories for 4×4 off-roading installed in your car, you are kitting yourself out for a wonderful off-roading experience. You can never be too prepared for a 4×4 adventure. We feel these 5 accessories will make the journey all the more comfortable and prepare you for any problems along the way.

Off-roading is an adventure for you and your friends and family. With these 5 accessories and your extended car warranty in place, you are guaranteed to have a smoother journey and can drive with peace of mind, knowing you have tools and accessories for 4×4 off-roading available to help you.

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