The NAVEE S65 Electric Scooter Delivers High Performance and Comfort

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From Boston to Miami, Atlanta to San Diego, and towns in between, the electric scooter craze is proliferating across the US. Whether or not you’re currently a fan of micro-mobility, the latest generation of e-scooters is transforming short-distance travel, urban commutes, and cityscape adventures.

Navee Tech’s latest model, the S65, makes its debut for the Spring 2022 riding season. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who hasn’t been on a scooter since they were sixteen to experience the e-scooter lifestyle.

The sturdy NAVEE S65 features an impressive 1000W peak power geared motor and a 48V 12.75Ah high-performance battery that effortlessly accelerates up inclines. With a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge, there’s no running out of juice before arriving at your destination. Fast but never dangerously so, the max speed of 20mph is perfect for any age or experience level.

Optimum safety and comfort are a high priority in the S65’s design. Puncture-resistant tires and a dual suspension system keep you riding over cracks and bumps with ease. The responsive rear disc braking system delivers massive stopping power and total control. The large integrated LED dashboard clearly displays battery power level, riding speed, and the status of the front and rear lights.

The NAVEE S65 is a premium electric scooter for commuting, shopping, meeting up with friends, and exploring the local community in ultimate comfort and safety.  Become an early adopter and ride it now at an irresistible price during the Spring 2022 Indiegogo launch.

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