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Top Reasons To Install An Epoxy Floor In The Kitchen

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Epoxy flooring has been used for many years in commercial applications. This is because it is known to be tough, difficult to damage, and provides a good finish. These qualities mean that epoxy floor coatings are now becoming a popular choice in many homes.

Initially, they were used in garages and basements to help provide a better, more durable, and stylish finish. Now, this type of flooring is moving further into homes.

If you’re wondering whether it can be used in your kitchen then the answer is probably yes.

What is Epoxy Floor?

Epoxy flooring is a mixture of resin and hardeners. The two ingredients are mixed and then sprayed onto your floor. It can take 24 hours to fully harden.

You should note that epoxy floor coatings can be applied at home with a brush but the better version is the epoxy flooring, you should get the professionals to lay this as you’ll get the best possible finish.

Once laid and set the epoxy flooring has a natural shine. But, the real benefit is the fact it is non-slip. This means that you are much less likely to injure yourself at home. The flooring is also surprisingly tough, you can drop a variety of objects on the floor without damaging it.

Epoxy flooring is also waterproof and stain-resistant. In short, there is little that your kitchen can throw at it that will harm it. The fact that it will last for many years is simply a bonus.

Limitations Before Laying

Epoxy flooring is a mixture of two substances. For these to bond properly and to adhere to the floor you’ll need a concrete subbase. If you attempt to use a wooden subfloor or floating floor the epoxy is likely to be subject to too much movement, running the topcoat. Alongside this, the wooden floor will need to be sanded and every gap and crack filled, that’s an expensive and time-consuming job.

Don’t forget, wooden floors tend to contract and expand with heat and moisture, if it does this under epoxy flooring it will cause the flooring to lift and you’ll quickly be left with a mess on your kitchen floor.

This is where the limitation is. You can remove a wooden floor and add concrete to allow the epoxy to be put down. But, if it is a floating floor then it may not be possible to remove the floor and fill the space underneath, it depends if the space underneath creates ventilation for the house or serves another purpose.

Alternate options

Although epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for your kitchen floor, if it isn’t feasible then you’ll need to consider other options.  One of the best options is to sand your wooden floor and then coat it in floor paint with a sealant on top. It will create the same shine as epoxy flooring although it will be easier to damage. If you can’t get in a concrete base for your epoxy, this is the next best thing.

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