17 Top Japanese Baby Names That Mean Flower

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I know you’re searching for a great Japanese name that means flower, which is why you came here.

You want to choose a name for your child that is as happy and brilliant as their face, and you also want the name to be appropriate for their personality and appearance.

When choosing cute Japanese names for a newborn baby, a name with a pleasant sound and a flowery connotation will make the ideal combo.

As a result, today, I will share with you some of the most famous Japanese name that means flower, along with the meanings of those names.

17 Top Japanese Baby Names That Means Flower

When naming Japanese girls names meaningfully, Japanese families put a lot of thought into the process. There are a lot of cute Japanese names for newborn babies that come from ancient history, many religions, and, of course, the country’s intense adoration of nature.

In addition, a Japanese name that means flower may accentuate the refined nature of your little girl. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s look at some lovely Japanese name that means flower, derived from various species of flowers native to Japan.

In addition, specific names do not refer to real flowers but have the same concept. Let’s look at some of our favorite Japanese name that means flower:

#1. Ayaka

The kanji that are used to write the Japanese name each have a distinct meaning that they convey. The beautiful name comes from the phrase “colourful flowers.”

#2. Fumika

It is a feminine name of Japanese origin, and its meaning may be interpreted as “history, beauty, or flower.”

#3. Hana

The Hebrew name Hannah has been given the diminutive Japanese form Hana. One of the many lovely forms of the name that means “flower” is found in Hanae.

#4. Ichika

Ichika is a typical Japanese name that may be translated to mean “one thousand blossoms.”

#5. Saika

One of the most prevalent Japanese names, Saika, may be translated as “vividness” or “flower of many colours.”

#6. Akina

One of the most distinctive names for girls in Japanese, Akina translates to “spring flower or spring leaves.”

#7. Aya

This lovely Japanese girl’s name means “beautiful” or “brightly colored flower or a fragrant flower or brilliantly colourful summer.”

It is also a word that may be translated as “beautiful.” The name has many different spellings, including Ayae, Ayaka, and Ayako.

#8. Ayame

Ayame is a beautiful Japanese name for females that may be translated as “flower.” The name is a Japanese adaptation of the English name Iris. Ayameko is the name’s second possible spelling variant.

#9. Kaoru

The name Kaoru is popular in Japan for use as a girl’s given name. Its significance in Japanese is “fragrance like the flowers.”

#10. Kiku

Kiku is a Japanese term that is often used to refer to November. The name is derived from the flower chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum flower is said to represent both aristocracy and the sun.

#11. Azami

One of the lovely Japanese female names, Azami, means “flower of a thistle,” and it’s pretty popular in Japan. In Eastern mythology, the thistle flower is seen as a symbol of rebellion. It is the ideal moniker for a bold and beautiful young lady.

#12. Hannah

The name Hannah is seen in the Bible several times. The Japanese form of the name is Hanae. In addition, a flower bears this name.

#13. Sakura

It is a flower synonymous with Japan and is often known as the cherry blossom. When you travel around Japan and come upon this flower in urban and rural areas, you will inevitably utter this term to describe it.

#14. Ume

The name Ume is of Japanese origin, given to females. Ume means “Plum.” Plum blossoms, like cherry flowers, are widely recognized as among the world’s most beautiful flowers.

Even the tree that bears these flowers is similar in appearance to the cherry tree, and at first sight, you may think that the two are the same.

#15. Kanon

In Japanese, “ka” refers to a flower or bloom, while “non” is the word for sound. It is considered a hip and trendy name for females in Japan. And it is the reason why a lot of parents decide to give their child the name Kanon.

#16. Akari

A Japanese name derived from the floral name Akari may be used for either a girl or a boy. Despite this, it is more often used for females. It has to do with brilliance.

Consider naming your child Akari if you’re looking for a name that conveys ideas of radiance, optimism, and brilliance.

#17. Akahana

One of the most popular new names for newborn girls in Japan right now is Akahana. The literal translation of this name into Japanese is “bright red flower,” although it may also be translated as “red rose.”

How To Choose The Perfect Japanese Name That Means Flower?

The choice of what Japanese girl names meaning to give one’s child is significant. Because we usually have the same name from birth until we pass away, selecting a name is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.

However, here as you would assume, we are huge lovers of flower names for infants, and we will explain why and how you should select one for a Japanese name that means flower.

People have been getting ideas for baby names from nature for generations, and many of these names are based on flowers. There is a wide variety of well-known flowers from which you may choose.

One of the most common cute flower Japanese names for a baby can inspire you, but you could also go with something more unique or creative.

Let’s walk you through some of the most significant factors before settling on a name from one of the numerous flowery possibilities available. These factors include:

Think about what the flower represents.

There are many flowers, each of which has its unique symbolism. The symbolism of the lily, for instance, encompasses monarchy, femininity, innocence, and purity, amongst other things.

Jasmine, on the other hand, has been known to evoke feelings of spiritual enlightenment and kindness. You will want your children to experience beauty, love, and connection from the minute they are born, and these are the exact kind of feelings that will mirror such things for them.

Do you place a specific value on any particular kind of flower?

Think about the meaning a flower has for you specifically, in addition to its importance in its own right. You and your spouse each have a favorite flower you’d want to honor with naming your future child.

Consider naming your child after the first flower that your significant other presented to you on a date or the flower that played a crucial role in your wedding ceremony.

Another possibility is to choose a flower that has some significance for your or your spouse’s family or maybe even the nation where your child will be born.

The significance of your choice of a baby’s name is amplified by incorporating such seemingly little personal details.

When is the baby born?

The date of the baby’s birth is as important as the flower’s significance, whose meaning you’d want to use as inspiration for their name.

Tulips, azaleas, peonies, and many other flowers, including many more, will bloom around this time of year, giving you an excellent selection of spring babies to choose from.

However, you shouldn’t be concerned if you’re going to give birth during the winter. Many lovely flowers bloom at this time of year, such as amaryllis and heather, which are lovely flowers that might also be used as names.

It is also a good idea to think about the flower that represents the month in which your child is expected to be born and the sign of the zodiac that corresponds to that month.

These might be an excellent source of inspiration to draw from when thinking about Japanese name that means flower.

Which virtues do you want to instill in your kid as they grow up?

You are obviously eager to instill a love of nature in your kid from the very beginning simply because you are considering naming your child after a flower or plant. On the other hand, a great deal more than a person’s floral name has the power to impact when they are born.

Do you place a high weight on innocence or intuition? For example, it might be reflected in a name like Violet or Calla. If you prefer another alternative, Gladys, which takes some inspiration from the flower gladiolus, can be a good pick if you’re looking for a name that alludes to a strong personality.

Choosing cute Japanese names that reflect how you want their life to continue might be the best gift you ever give them since it will immediately provide them with a feeling of purpose and an understanding of who they are.

Think concerning the way something is going now.

If you follow the world of celebrities and entertainment, you probably already have some ideas about the many opportunities available.

One should refrain from following all fads, especially given that specific famous baby names might be strange and may not necessarily start a trend (Apple Martin, anyone?). On the other hand, there is almost always a Blue Ivy Carter, Violet Affleck, or Lily-Rose Depp for every Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily.

The world of fiction is also home to a vast reservoir of potential names for flowers. For instance, Jasmine’s notoriety skyrocketed with the theatrical debut of Disney’s Aladdin and continues to this day as one of the most well-known names in the world.

If you love the Harry Potter series, you could find the name Lavender appealing. When you choose names for your child based on personalities you either like or admire, you can instill in them some qualities that you find admirable in those individuals.

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