How to Get a Job in Oilfield Construction

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There are several ways to get a job in oilfield construction. These include applying to large companies online. However, keep in mind that many large companies outsource their construction projects to smaller contractors.

It is better to find oil field jobs from smaller contractors. You can also search online job boards and general employment sites. Contractors may be looking for resumes in these places. If you are looking for an oilfield job, follow the tips mentioned in this article.

Physical fitness requirements for oilfield construction jobs

Working in an oil field requires a high level of physical fitness. Oil field jobs often require working outdoors and long hours. The job involves lifting heavy equipment and moving heavy objects, so it’s important to be in great physical shape.

Physical fitness requirements can vary depending on the position. Some oilfield jobs require the ability to lift up to 50 pounds and climb and descend stairs. Physical fitness requirements are also different for various sub-specialties.

In addition to the physical requirements listed above, oil field jobs require formal education. While it is not required for entry-level jobs, formal petroleum training courses will boost your job prospects. For entry-level positions, employers typically provide on-the-job training. Some companies such as Morgan Construction do the same.

Job applicants should be physically fit and have good interpersonal skills, as they will need to work in teams and often must relocate to different sites to complete different projects. To get hired, be prepared to undergo several interviews.

College degree required

Oilfield construction jobs don’t always require a college degree. In some cases, a diploma can suffice. While some companies may require a diploma, many offer on-the-job training. In addition to college graduates, the oil industry is now hiring geologists, chemical engineers, and mechanical engineers.

The education you need to work in oilfield construction will depend on the field you want to work in, but a degree can boost your prospects.

Entry-level oil field jobs require a high school diploma or GED, but some employers may prefer to hire people with a degree in a related field, such as petroleum engineering or geology.

Training for these jobs can also be obtained on the job or through online courses. In addition to a college degree, employers may require specific certifications. You should also consider your salary potential. This job market is competitive and you may have to work long hours to earn the salary you need.

Travel requirements for oilfield construction jobs

One of the main travel requirements for oilfield construction jobs is to be willing to spend a few weeks away from home. The travel requirements vary depending on the position and the company. Most companies require 14 days on and six days off rotations.

Others require only a two-week rotation. Depending on the company, oilfield workers may live in a work camp or a hotel. They usually eat company-provided food in the work camp, but there is sometimes the need to buy food at a nearby restaurant.

If this is the case, the oilfield company may pay you a meal allowance to cover this expense.

Choosing an oilfield construction job can be difficult. Oilfield jobs often require extensive travel. Oilfields are located all around the world, making it necessary for workers to travel regularly.

However, oilfield jobs are very rewarding. You can expect to work long hours, eat a poor diet, and even get paid for traveling. But be prepared to spend the time away from home, as the travel requirements can be extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Getting a job in the oilfield

If you are looking for a new job that will allow you to travel, oilfield construction jobs are for you. While oilfield jobs require you to work long hours, they are also rewarding and offer high pay.

The pay ranges from $85,000 to $100,000 a year, and many oilfield construction jobs offer flexible on-and-off schedules that allow you to plan vacations and other downtimes without worrying about a full-time work schedule.

There are several ways to find an oilfield construction job, and some of them are as simple as walking into an office. While the big oilfield companies do not hire directly from their offices, they will hire from smaller contractors.

Besides contacting the oilfield construction companies directly, you can also find out more about these jobs by using general employment websites and online job boards. Getting recommendations from people you know is always a good idea.

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