3 Important Considerations for Migrating to Microsoft GCC High

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Several government contractors are moving to Microsoft 365 Government Cloud Community High (GCC High) due to the provisions found in CMMC, a regulation required in contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD). Several businesses go through this transition for the first time or need to move from another non-compliant cloud system. Migrating to Microsoft GCC High can create many problems if you are not aware of the difficulties. So, here are some considerations for migrating to Microsoft GCC High:

1. Get to know about the features

While migrating to a GCC High system, it is better to get an idea about the things that are available or not. So here are some products or functions that are unavailable on GCC High:

  • Whiteboard
  • Delve
  • My Analytics
  • Audio Conferencing (PSTN)
  • Telephony
  • To-Do
  • Bookings
  • StaffHub

For now, sharing externally and guest user access is unavailable in GCC High. It is better to expect before your migration that these two features are not completely functioning.

2. Labeling 

The term “Label” can be complex when it is in terms of Office 365 and Azure. A label can be described as one of the following things:  

  • AIP Labeling: Azure Information Protection labels are present in the Azure Portal. These labels need the AIP client to be set up particularly for Windows 10. 
  • Unified Labeling: Unified Labeling is consists of the labels available in the Security and Compliance Center. Ultimately, these will be the only labels suggested for utilization. For now, unified labels are not entirely working as the unified label client is in preview for Windows 10. Although, unified labels do operate well with a MAC as there is not an AIP client present for the MAC. 

If you are considering deploying labels in your current commercial system, it is suggested to hold off till you complete migrating to your new GCC High tenant. The labels work just they would in a commercial system. 

3. GCC High assistance 

The final aspect to consider is the assistance and support from Microsoft for your new GCC High system. There is less support and assistance available by Microsoft as there is a small team designated for support. Microsoft is the topmost provider in government cloud SaaS, but support and assistance are still a constraint.

To get good support, you will need to select a reliable third-party provider for you to buy licensing and services from. Microsoft is highly dependent on the authorized third-party provider to offer the necessary installation, setup, and assistance. Microsoft does not advise attempting a migration without an authorized third-party provider in support. This provider will be responsible for getting answers from Microsoft quickly and in a detailed method if technical problems arise. Also, the applications like Excel, Word, etc., in GCC High can be hosted on a Cloud Windows Desktop to increase the productivity for your business.

Microsoft is trying to improve its support for GCC High but is very important to have a partner working for your requests and maintenance.

Apps4Rent is the most reliable service provider for Microsoft GCC High with robust data security and assistance. Additionally, they have services for Windows 365 Cloud PC and more.

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