Abbas Sajwani-Offering Ultra-Luxury Villas to Elite Local and Global Investors

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Major cities are competing for supremacy in a world that is dominated by the latest innovations and speedy transformations.

After the pandemic, people are looking for a more secure and long-lasting future through investments in real estate properties in Dubai which are developed under the leadership of entrepreneurs and real estate businessmen, like Abbas Sajwani. The city of Dubai is the perfect option for investors because of its location and economic potential to rise to the top of the world’s cities.

Dubai has grown into a vibrant universal community with a diverse economy and high levels of inclusivity. Dubai continues to reinforce its position as a leading international destination for businesses, tourists, and real estate investors alike because of its capacity to embrace, reinvent, and shape the future.

The real estate sector of Dubai has always played a crucial part in the city’s expanding economy. There is a growing demand from investors looking to invest in the luxury real estate of AHS Group in particular, as a result of the influx of elite and wealthy individuals from across the globe moving to Dubai and settling there.

Dubai’s real estate market offers probably the most elevated returns for capital investment when compared to other cities worldwide. With prices still being lesser than those of other major cities, it is an investor’s market.

The real estate industry, which continues to provide the economy of Dubai with the vital support it needs, is the largest source of revenue for the nation and various individuals.

The real estate sector is therefore considered Dubai’s driving force and a dynamic economic engine. Due to its magnificent high-rise buildings and luxurious architecture built by architects like Abbas Sajwani, Dubai is now considered one of the best places to live and invest in the world.

Emulating his father Hussain Sajwani, who is the founder of DAMAC Properties, Abbas Sajwani set up his real estate firm, AHS Group with a focus on offering luxurious properties, particularly villas of the Emirates Hills and Palm Jumeirah to customers.

The firm currently has renovated, redesigned, and constructed four spacious luxury villas, with three of them having a value of AED80 million and one having a worth of AED 175 million. The Amara Villa situated in Emirates Hills is a 45,000 sq ft architecture with around seven bedrooms.

Abbas Sajwani currently has the One Canal project under work. In this project, he is constructing twenty-four residential units along the Dubai Canal and has entered partnerships with several well-known names in the industry such as Killa Design Architecture, who are famous for designing Dubai’s Museum of the Future, and Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), who will work on the interior of the residential units. The AHS Group is expected to generate a total GDV of around $ 1.13 billion after their new project is launched.

After witnessing the success of his first business venture, Sajwani laid the foundation of AHS investments through which he invests in Dubai’s stock market. Along with running his own real estate company, AHS Group, Sajwani also supervises the operations of DAMAC Properties as a board member.

Dubai has changed into a swarming business center, a one-stop place of interest and investment activities. As more economic activities continue to take place in Dubai, some economists and political economists assert that the city’s economy will be growing even more in the future.

The real estate sector continues to be the artery of Dubai’s economic growth and prosperity, and with real estate businessmen like Abbas Sajwani, it can be predicted that the business hub will attract even more investors in the future.

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