The Cheapest Places to Visit on Holiday Based on Their Cost of Living

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With the summer holidays approaching, many of us are looking forward to getting away for a while, but package holidays are, on average, between 7% and 30% more expensive than they were last year.

But as the cost-of-living crisis continues, and prices for everything in the UK soar higher and higher, there are many places that can be cheaper than staying at home! 

Andras Rado, the expert at Wizz Air, reveals five of the cheapest places to visit, based on the local cost of living, compared to average prices in London. 


Average daily spend: £119.68 (59% less than London)

The average price of a night in a hotel in Mallorca is around £112, which is 147% less than in London. You can get around easily, with a single bus ticket costing £1.70.  Dinner for two in a mid-level restaurant is, on average, around £72.50 in London, and only £43 in Mallorca – but there’s an even bigger difference at breakfast.

In London, the average price of breakfast is £11.30, but breakfast in Mallorca will cost up to 192% less at around £3.80. A beer is 96% cheaper in Mallorca too, at around £3.


Average daily spend: £120.54 (58% less than London)

A hotel costs, on average, £111 per night in Malaga, 149% less than London. Just like in Mallorca, a bus ticket will cost you around £1.70, and a beer at the end of your journey is 144% cheaper than in London, at only £2.41. Breakfast is an average of £4 per person, and dinner for two will only set you back around £37.88 – nearly 92% cheaper than home. 


Average daily spend: £77 (148% less than London)

Breakfast in Budapest is around £4.19, and you can find dinner for two for an average price of around £12.80 – a huge difference of about 301% compared to both meals in London.

It’s really cheap to get around, as bus tickets can be as low as 86p if bought in advance, and an average price of a beer is only £2.68. A night in a hotel is an enormous 462% cheaper in Budapest than in London, at an average cost of £46.25 a night. 


Average daily spend: £117 (63% less than London)

A night in a hotel in Faro will set you back around £142 – 95% less than in London. Breakfast is a huge 403% less in Faro, at around £2.58 per person, and a mid-tier three-course dinner will cost around 110% less, at approximately £34.44. A bus ticket is slightly higher than in London, at around £1.93, but beer will cost 301% less than at home, with an average cost of only £1.47


Average daily spend: £41.94 (355% less than London)

With an average cost of only £66, a night in a hotel in Dalaman is 319% cheaper than in London. Meals are much cheaper too, with a typical breakfast costing around £2.50, and a traditional Turkish mezze dinner costing approximately £10 – 570% less than the two meals in London! Public transport is a little more than in London, at around £3.87 one way, but you’ll save a lot on a beer, which will only cost you around £1.69

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