Tariq Khan, A Young Leading Sensation in Acting and Fitness

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Some small steps create a big difference in the journey, and this journey is about a child with the hope in his eyes to follow his passion and dreams.

Tariq Khan was born in Mumbai and later migrated to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. completed his schooling at the Cathedral School Lucknow and graduated from Amity University. Since his childhood, his vision was very clear about acting and he pursue it as a career, starting was not easy for him but his dedication and hard work made everything possible and later he finally started his journey.

How does All This Start and Goes?

Social Media has the biggest buzz nowadays, people of every age follow social media trends and their favorite creators. From one of the creators, a 24 years old boy named “Tariq Khan” creates his own separate identity and conquered the hearts of everyone on Instagram.

When the pandemic was like a headache for everyone, Tariq saw this as an opportunity and started making videos on Instagram and other social medial handles. People recognized his skills and talent in a very short time and started showering their love on his videos.  The platform gives him the voice to showcase what he is capable of. He used Social Media as a powerful weapon to connect with the audience on a large scale and the audience’s reactions were very positive for him which leads him to 20.8k followers on Instagram with his consistent posting and perseverance, continuously growing every day.

Tariq’s latest music album name ”She’s  Too Much” is now a superhit song and is loved by all the people globally. This song gets so much love and affection from his fans and audience.

The superhit song featured some biggest names of the music industry like M-Zee Bella and FHigh Music which thrilled people to groom and enjoy his unbeatable performance. This song added more loving followers to his list.

The secret of His Fitness and Skills:

He said that “consistency and hard work is the best to achieve anything you want in your life”.  He is also a fitness freak and very strict about his workout from starting. His unreal fitness inspires people to stay fit and healthy. Some big personalities like Vidyut Jamwal and Aparshakti Khurana also appreciate his astonishing personality and dedication towards his fitness and also give some tips to grow more. He further mentioned that he is always eager to learn something new and tries to polish his skills consistently.

Some Favorite Personalities He Admires:

He said that he admires Shahrukh Khan as an actor and person both, his presence on screen creates a different aura and he always tries to learn from him. An actress he adores Jacqueline Fernandes, her fitness and work is very inspiring and a lot to learn from her.

He also follows football very closely, and as a football lover, he is a big fan of The Great Footballer Lionel Messi.

His future planning:

He is single right now and only wants to focus to chase his dreams and improving his skills and fitness. He has a dream to grow up in his field and entertain the audience with his remarkable talent and skills for that he is always ready to do hard work and works in a challenging situation.

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