10 Expert Tips to Make Your Purge Closet Clean and Handy

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In our busy daily schedule, closets tend to be a disorganized, cluttered place for many of us. If you have ever thought that you have nothing to wear standing in front of your closet then it is the time when you should organize the mess. When your clothes will be purged then you can enjoy your dressings. It will be eye-soothing for you to see a neatly organized closet. It transforms your state of mind and also gives you relaxation.

At the time of organizing your closet, you get to know about your favorite belongings. Your closet will be set up with your favorite things. It is better to declutter your closet. It will be better to purge your closet at the time of season change.

What does mean to purge closet?

The word ‘purge’ means to get rid of unwanted quality, condition, or feeling. The meaning of purge closet means to remove something that doesn’t quite serve you anymore. Here, getting rid of old, unnecessary items, allows you to space your favorite items. You can design a new wardrobe of your choice.

How to get rid of your clothes?

You might have some clothes in your closet that may be don’t suits you or fit you anymore. Maybe your lifestyle has been changed that is why they have gone away from the list of your favoritism. Perhaps you need to make space for your new clothes. Here are some ways to get rid of clothes you no longer wear:

Donate your clothes to any NGO

Donate your clothes to any NGO
Source Image: Delhi planet

You can donate your clothes to any NGO. You may call them to collect the clothes from your address and they then will pick up the items and give them to needy people.

Upcycle the older pieces

If you find some items no longer your style or get any defects, you can just modify them with new trends.

Give some items to your friends, relatives

If you find some items are in very good condition but they are not fits to then you may ask your friends or relatives if they want to take them or not.

Repurpose your clothes

Repurpose your clothes
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If there are some items in poor condition then you may turn them into a bag, rug, blanket, etc.

Make a Facebook post

You can make a post on the Facebook marketplace or any other local groups sharing the pictures of the items if anyone is interested to take them for free.

Resell your items

Resell your items
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If your clothes are in good condition then you can make an effort to sell them online. There are so many online websites and mobile apps where you can resell your items. You can take images of your items and share them over the network. If people have an interest in your products they may contact you.

When is the right time for a closet changeover and closet purge?

Organized closet space is just like additional space to your closet. Usually, you should clean out and purge your closet twice a year once in the summer and once in the winter, to provide accommodations for the seasonal clothing changeover. It usually happens to us that when we look at our closet we feel there are so many clothes but nothing is there of our choice. It is the right time to purge your closet. You have to decide one day when you can purge your closet and you should keep in mind that you have to finish your task. If this is not possible for you to give one full day to purge your closet then you may decide 1hour daily you will use for this purpose. Stay committed to this. Here are some tips to purge your closet and make it lovable.

closet changeover
Closet changeover

10 Steps to closet your purge to love your wardrobe

1. Set your Time

The hardest part of this task is to fix the time. Whether you have decided to do it on the weekend or 30 minutes a day, make the plan and be committed to that.

2. Take out everything first

It is the easiest way to organize your closet to take out all the things first. In this way, you will get to know about all your items. You lay them on the bed or the floor. Then you should ask yourself which item you haven’t worn for the last 6 months and will not be worn in the following 6monthes. Now, you start to sort out your items.

3. Clean all the surfaces and floor of the closet

You have to wipe the whole closet from ceiling to floor as well as the lights since good lighting is important to find out your belongings.

4. Consider usable items

Now you sort out your items to get rid of unwanted items. Keep the most likely to-be worn items with you that suit your current lifestyle, remaining you can keep in a trash bag. Don’t throw away them, you can keep them to donate or resell.

5. Categorize and organize them

Fold your items neatly, if you correctly fold them, then they will sit more nicely in your closet. The best way to organize the clothes is by category. You can keep all the blouses, pants, tops, and skirts together. Here you can use the hangers to hang the shirts, sarees, coats, sweaters, etc. This will assure that your clothing will be in proper shape.

6. Use some Baskets

You can use some small baskets to put your accessories. In one basket you can keep your sunglasses, in another, you can keep your jewelry, and shoe boxes to keep your shoes.

7. Use the walls of the closet

You can also use the walls of the closet by installing hooks on them. You can put your hats, purses, belts, etc. if you have more space you can use it to keep your heels there.

8. Store the seasonal

It will be better if your seasonal items like shawls and sweaters are kept aside from the closet during the warmer months. You can store them in a closed hanging storage bag which provides you some extra space in your closet.

9. Keep Laundry picked up

Place a laundry bag inside your closet to put all the dirty clothes there.

10. You can start fresh

Now you are in the last important step to purge your closet. You are just getting the organized closet of your dreams. You have to remember those valuable items which you have decided to keep. You should organize all the items in such a manner that each item should be visible to you.

Helpful tools for your purge closet

Full-length mirror

If you don’t have a full-length mirror then it is impossible to know how things look. You can attach a full-length mirror to the wall of your closet to look at yourself after getting dressed up.

Closet Lights

If you can’t see your items properly then you can’t access them. so you can stick on some lights which are battery operated in the walls of your closet. They will add a clear and brighter look to your closet.

Colorful baskets and hangers

If you don’t have some colorful baskets to put your accessories in, you will face a problem to organize items properly. You can also buy some hangers to hang items if you don’t have any.

Source Image: Insider


Purging your closet is the best way to organize your items which will help you get dressed quickly and in a stress-free manner. Now, surely, sometimes you will go in front of your closet and stare lovingly at all your empty spaces. This loving closet will make getting dressed fun. Enjoy each item you own.

M.D. -Organized closet space is just like additional space to your closet. Purge your closet twice a year. Here are some tips to purge your closet and make it lovable.

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