Why do People like to Enjoy Malta Weather in December?

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Malta is one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of traditional winter vacation spots. Let us discuss here, Malta Weather in December.

It is renowned for its breathtaking coasts and is a popular destination for divers worldwide. It is situated in the exact center of the Mediterranean Sea. In the past, tourists have flocked to Malta to relax in the mild climate and take advantage of the crystal blue seas surrounding the island.

On the other hand, Malta has much more to offer than just the sun and the water. In this essay, we will go over Why December is the best time to visit Malta, in many respects, and ten things to do in Malta this December.

Why December is the best time to visit Malta?

Comfortable temperatures

July and August, the busiest months for tourism in Malta, have an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit). Hot! Temperatures have approached around 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) recently! Incredible levels of warmth!

Everyday activities become more difficult once the temperature rises beyond 23 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that temperatures during the trip to Malta in the winter ranged pleasantly between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius.

More affordable and available lodging

There are fewer visitors in Malta during the winter, lodging costs will naturally be lower, and a more excellent selection of rooms and rentals will be available. During the winter stay, utilized Airbnb and discovered that the pricing was fair and had a wide variety of options to choose from.

Less crowded, cheaper public transit.

Unexpectedly broad, Malta’s bus network provides service to most of the country’s two main islands at least hourly. Despite this, some service is available, which is better than none, so it is better than nothing.

Better photos with fewer people

During winter trips to Malta, you could avoid the crowds at megalithic temples, walk through crowd-free gorges on Gozo, explore crowd-free citadels, and stroll through crowd-free streets in Valletta.

You can snap fantastic pictures everywhere without worrying about large crowds of other visitors getting in the way of images.

Segway perfect for Malta

There were fewer other visitors, and the Malta weather in December was much more agreeable, you can make the most of the chance to develop a more daring side. Since Valletta is the smallest capital city in the EU, it is ideal for touring on foot thanks to its compact size.

Because the streets are arranged in a grid, tourists can wander across the area, secure in the knowledge that they will typically be able to make their way back to the location from where they began.

Maltese authenticity

Valletta and Malta generally did not have the atmosphere of a popular tourist destination. You can observe residents socializing in Malti (the Maltese language), much more so than you can believe you would have been able to have you been there during the busy season.

10 things to do in Malta this December?

 The following is a list of the top 10 attractions, activities, and things to do in Malta:

1. Check out a megalithic temple

.Check out a megalithic temple.
Image source: Davler travel page

The City of Valletta, the Al Saflieni Hypogeum, and the collection of Megalithic Temples of Malta are three of Malta’s three World Heritage Sites. Even in the winter, you must make reservations for a trip to Hypogeum months in advance. Therefore we advise going to one of its Megalithic temples instead.

Be aware that Malta is home to several ancient sites. But in this case, we’re referring to the seven areas that made the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Because they contain regional developments, these architectural gems are still relevant today. We firmly advise going to the megalithic temple.

2. Eat Delectable Food in a Market

 Eat Delectable Food in a Market
Image source:

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that we don’t like formal dining establishments. We’re not into dressing up and hanging out at an excellent establishment for hours. We would want to try something local and less formal. We eat at the lovely Victorian-era Valetta Food Market in La Valletta. It’s an incredible experience.

Pick your fresh ingredients, and they will be ready to cook in a few minutes. The ambiance is distinctive, and the cuisine is excellent. What more do you need? If you want to cook, the basement has a great grocery!

3. Visit the catacombs of the early Christians

3. Visit the catacombs of the early Christians.
Image source: Aletea

Saint Paul’s Catacombs in Rabat are among Malta’s most outstanding tourist destinations. A vast network of underground passageways and tombs makes up these early Christian catacombs. The catacombs are a section of an old graveyard.

They were most likely constructed during the Phoenician era and continuously utilized until the 7th or 8th century.

Unfortunately, some of them reopened following Malta’s re-Christianization in the 13th century, and you may primarily explore them alone in the winter. Avoid letting the catacombs overshadow the nearby museum.

Get lost in the streets of Rabat and adjacent Mdina after your stay.

4. Eat Cake and Drink Coffee at a Historic Café

Eat Cake and Drink Coffee at a Historic Café
Image source: Eat Cake and Drink Coffee at a Historic Café

We have already said that we do not like eating in formal restaurants. However, we like drinking coffee at old-fashioned cafes. Caffe Cordina, one of Malta’s oldest cafes, is a must-see while you’re there.

Since 1944, this storied café has welcomed visitors to the famous Casa del Common Tesoro Palace. However, the tale of this confectionary began in 1837, when it was simply a little shop in Bormla.

We like relaxing and enjoying coffee and a variety of pastries in its luxuriously furnished environment. Consider lifting your gaze to take at the vaulted ceiling painted by famed Maltese artist Giuseppe Cali, and enjoy the people watching.

They make all their pastries and sweets in-house, which we nearly failed to mention.

5. Observe the sunset in a fishing community

Observe the sunset in a fishing community.
Echo Club

Malta is distinctive in some way. The islands have the appearance of an extensive collection of interconnecting settlements. But each of those little towns has its personality. Most Malta weather in December has a very urban feel, while few have a rural atmosphere.

The fishing community of Marsaxlokk on Malta’s eastern coast is our favorite. In Roman times, this cute small settlement served as a significant seaport. Today, it’s a laid-back location ideal for sampling seafood and taking in stunning sunsets. You’ll like its many colorful traditional luzzu boats.

6. Enjoy Peace in Malta’s Capital

Enjoy Peace in Malta's Capital
Image source: Great value vacation

La Valletta represents Malta’s rich historical and architectural legacy to the fullest. The little settlement is located at the very extremity of the Valletta peninsula, encircled by the Grand and Marsamxett Harbors.

You may discover rich baroque houses, imposing cathedrals, lovely gardens, and setting squares within the 16th-century city walls. In the summer, it is pretty busy due to its size and attractiveness. Everyone knows visiting Valletta is the top thing to do when visiting Malta.

7. Walk along the Seashore’s Rocks

Walk along the Seashore's Rocks
Image source: Taras travel

In Malta, the summer is the best season to visit the beach, but you may also do it in the winter. Just that it’s probable you won’t go swimming in the ocean. That is if you lack courage. Nevertheless, taking a stroll by the sea is a great idea any time of year, and there is no better spot to do it than on the cliffs north of Sliema.

Only the sound of the waves and birds can be heard since the rocks are lower than the roadway.

Start with Saint Julian’s Tower and go to Fort Sliema on your stroll. You’ll pass the Font Gadir baths from the Victorian period around midway. We’re referring to the ponds with geometric carvings etched into the rock.

8. Visit a sanctuary for animals Following a fortress

Visit a sanctuary for animals Following a fortress
Image source: givealittle

Visits to Manoel Island and other exciting activities are ideal throughout the winter in Malta. An outstanding Manoel fortification from the 18th century is located on the little island across from La Valletta. The island is still in a state of partial abandonment despite its position.

Additionally, you may only enter the stronghold on specific occasions.

Naturally, we thought it was a fantastic off-the-beaten-path location with stunning views over the metropolis. The brightly colored Duck Village at the entrance is another feature we like about this island. Ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, pigeons, cats, and bunnies coexist in this adorable small refuge.

9. Take a coffee break in a beachfront square

. Take a coffee break in a beachfront square.
Image source: Restaurant guide

The laid-back Malta weather in December is one of our favorite features. Here, you may easily stray from the conventional European chains and brands and discover a fantastic neighborhood pub in a prime position. On our first day in Malta, we found ours and kept returning.

The little kiosk on Balluta Square in Saint Julian is our favorite café in Malta. On one of Malta’s most beautiful squares, they provide delicious coffee and baked goods.

We enjoy our coffee in silence as we take in the sights of the art nouveau Balluta Buildings, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, and little Balluta Bay Beach. Heaven! Eitan once dove into the water in front of him in November.

10. Visit Gozo on a day trip

Image source: Veltra

Go on a day excursion to Gozo if you have at least 3–4 days in Malta. Imagine Gozo if Malta’s main island is half vacant in the winter. Perhaps you end up learning about its beautiful past in quiet.

It’s a relatively straightforward journey that is exciting in and of itself. To go to Cirkewwa, where you may catch a boat to Mgarr in Gozo, you must take a bus. You’ll be allowed to see the Island of Comino up close. Victoria, commonly known as Rabat, the capital of Gozo, is the primary attraction.

Explore the baroque churches, meander through its winding lanes, and stop at Cittadella, a stunning medieval fortification.


Where to Stay in Malta?

I would suggest staying at The Waterfront Hotel in Sliema since it has roomy accommodations and highly convenient services. This hotel is the most accommodating option. In addition, while it is near everything, the hotel is located a reasonable distance away from the noise of the pubs.

Is Malta Hot in the winter?

The beginning of winter is accompanied by a drop in temperature that continues throughout the season. Temperatures range from 18 to 25 degrees, and a chance of rain and gusty conditions are to be anticipated throughout the week.

What is the most beautiful part of Malta?

Gozo Island is often considered the most photogenic of all the Maltese Islands. This island, with its picturesque pastoral landscapes, quiet towns, and lovely beaches, is the perfect destination to experience a nice vacation while still savoring the cultural treasures that are located there.

If you are interested in sightseeing in Malta, this island is the ideal location for you to stay.

Is Malta expensive to visit?

Although the cost of traveling to Malta may be higher than that of visiting other countries in Southern Europe, with an average daily cost of between €60 and €110 per person, you will find that Malta is an excellent choice for a vacation location and is less expensive than many of the options in Western Europe.


Even if you only have a limited amount of money to spend, you should be able to enjoy your time on the island of Malta since there are so many things to do in Malta that are either free or not very costly. If you book your ticket and hotel room many months in advance, you can save money on other aspects of your trip, including the airfare and hotel room, which will be the most costly parts of your vacation.

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