Best Things to Do with Kids in Moab, Utah

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Moab, Utah, is a great place to bring the kids. Not only does Moab have some of the best hiking trails around, but it offers some top-notch educational activities as well.

If you are all set to go on a road trip with your family and need ideas for fun things to do in Moab, then consider checking out the following locations.

Cycling & Mountain Biking Trails

If your kids enjoy riding bikes, they will love cycling at one of Moab’s many cycling trails. While there are several options for cycling in the area, it is well worth checking out Slickrock Bike Trail for something fun and challenging. This 11-mile trail is known as the best mountain biking trail in Utah.

If your kids are just starting cycling, consider heading out on a family bike ride along the Kokopelli Trail. The trail covers 74 miles and can be enjoyed by both experienced cyclists and families with young children looking for an easy ride.

Consider taking your kids out on the Gold Bar Rim Trail for a family cycling excursion that is not quite so strenuous. This trail is 14 miles long and can be enjoyed by families with children aged ten years old and up. Children five years old and older can cycle solo along this route.

Rock Climbing

If your kids enjoy rock climbing, then they will surely love the opportunity to climb on some of the world’s best sandstone walls in Moab. While there are several climbing spots in the area, it is well worth checking out Kids Canyon if you look for something safe and fun. The canyon features appropriate routes for beginner climbers, making it perfect for bringing kids of all ages.

Horseback Riding

If you plan to visit the area over the summer months, consider checking out one of Moab’s horseback riding tours. While there are several options for choosing somewhere to go horseback riding in Moab, it is well worth considering More Than Just Parks for your family excursion. The company offers one-hour, two-hour, and half-day trail rides suitable for riders of all ages.

Educational Activities

Moab offers several excellent educational activities that are great fun for young children. One of the most popular options is a trip to Arches National Park. Simply walking through the park allows kids to understand better how nature works while also helping them learn about the natural history of Moab and the surrounding area.

Meanwhile, another fun educational activity is a visit to Canyonlands National Park, where your children can discover more about fossils, rocks, and plants.

Visit the Museum

If you are visiting the place with young kids, consider heading to Moab’s living desert museum. The facility features indoor and outdoor exhibits designed for children ages 5-10 years old, making it a fantastic way for your family to know more about the local wildlife.

Visit Moab Giants

Another popular attraction in Moab is the Moab Giants, a life-sized dinosaur park that features over 100 different models. The facility was built by a local artist and allowed kids to learn more about dinosaurs while also helping them develop an interest in art.

Final Thoughts

While there are several fun things to do with kids in Moab, it is essential to make sure that you plan before going on a trip.

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Since there are so many fun things to do, it can be easy to rush around; but if you go at a more relaxed pace, your children will have more time to enjoy themselves.

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