7 Best Vintage Sinn Watches That You Can Collect

7 Best Vintage Sinn Watches That You Can Collect

1.  Sinn 144 GMT


People familiar with Sinn, particularly the 144, are aware that the company launched in the 1970s. So what’s the point of including it? For starters, it’s a classic Sinn model that merits all of the attention it receives.

2.  Sinn 556


The Sinn 556 has long been the brand’s entry-level watch, and it’s a perfect way to get a taste of what makes it so unique. The Sinn 556 was first presented in December 2007 and has since become one of the company’s most popular models.

3.  Sinn 103 Pilot’s Chronograph

With Helmut Sinn there at the lead, the company released a redesigned 103 in 1988, which Sinn fans regard as the model’s third iteration.

The Sinn 6000 Finanzplatzuhr should have been among the best Sinn models of the 1990s on paper. However, you can read it on this list because Sinn Frankfurter Finanzplatzuhr has been one of its classic timepieces.

4.  Sinn 6000 Finanzplatzuhr

5.  Sinn 303 KRISTALL

Based on Lothar Schmidt’s direction, it’s an excellent example of making Sinn such a unique brand.

6.  Sinn 958 Fulda Challenge

In 2004, they created a limited-edition Sinn 958 with a run of only 250 units. Sinn has a long history with Fulda Challenge, and then in 2004, it chose to release the first-ever special edition to commemorate the occasion.

7.  Sinn 142 St

These Sinn 140/142 are iconic among watch collectors since they are the only two Sinn versions that successfully launch into space.