5 Best Pushups for Bigger Chest Muscle and Arms

Decline Push Up

We can tweak it to make it more difficult, just like we can vary the weight distribution of the push-up to make it easier at the incline.

Incline Push Up

Incline Pushups are one the best pushups for the chest. If you want to stay on your toes, adjust the weight distribution of the push-up so that you still receive the whole range of motion

Diamond Push Up

In this push-up variation, you start with your back straight and legs engaged, like in a regular push-up.

Pike Push Up

Starting in a downward dog stance, the pike push-up goes against the traditional push-up form. Your hands and feet should be somewhat broader than shoulder-width while your hips are in the air.


One of the most challenging Push-Up variants is the Corkscrew. It puts your chest and triceps to work in ways that other exercises

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