3 of The Best Tourism Campaigns of 2024

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2024 put international travel back on the map — and after years of closed borders and boarded-up BnBs, returning to the skies once again was worth every bit of the wait.

As we look forward to what sunny delight the new year has to offer, I’m sure we’re all starting to think about where to head next.

But sometimes, we need a little inspiration to help us decide where to visit — after all, man has been taking to the skies since 1903, and we’ve covered a lot of ground in that time. This is why vacation travel campaigns usually start popping up toward the end of the year, to help us chase away the winter blues.

With 2024 officially over, we’ll be taking a look back at some of the year’s best tourism ad campaigns that might get us booking those summer flights in 2024. Fasten your seatbelts and let’s begin.

1. St Kitts & Nevis — “Venture Deeper”

This small Caribbean nation made a larger-than-life impact when its tourism authority launched 2024’s “Venture Deeper” brand campaign.

The crown jewel is a dramatic, sunset-toned TV ad spot that beautifully highlights the unspoiled landscapes of St Kitts, introducing the island as a haven for self-discovery away from the buzz of city life.

The footage flaunts the wide sugarcane pastures, volcanic craters, and quad-bikeable rainforest glades of the island, set to a spacey, climbing soundtrack that inspires serious wanderlust.

The campaign is part of a wider plan to establish the nation as a key Caribbean tourist destination. In recent years, the government has utilized the oldest Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program in the world to “channel resources to priority areas”, such as infrastructure, tourism, and culture, in return for citizenship on the islands.

This is what helps to fund and preserve the thrill-seeking activities, impressive natural landscapes, and eco-tourist resorts that have been pulling vacationers to St Kitts and Nevis in recent years.

2. Australia — “Come and Say G’day”

When asked to name an Australian phrase, the vast majority of responders would likely come back with the classic “G’day”, boasting an inflection so down under that it would make a barbecuing kangaroo jealous.

The team behind Australia’s latest mass awareness campaign knows this, too — capitalizing on the stereotypes with an instantly memorable TV tour of Down Under’s most recognizable cultural icons.

In the short clip, viewers can spot the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, and outback national parks, all being enjoyed by an animated kangaroo voiced by native actress Rose Byrne.

Beyond famous faces and a catchy slogan, the campaign uses these iconic landmarks and classic Aussie activities to reinforce what the global community knows and loves about Australia.

The clip smartly entices visitors by portraying an upbeat adventure that emulates what they could experience on their travels, from sailing and snorkeling to wombat watching.

Australia is proud of its unique cultural identity — and impressive tourist numbers — so gladly show off exactly what guests can expect from a trip down under.

3. Malta — “48 Hours in Malta”

The Malta Tourism Authority kicked up a storm when it collaborated with English soccer giants Manchester United for the “48 Hours in Malta” campaign.

The series of clips featured ex-player Wes Brown alongside club presenter Mark Sullivan taking on a series of high-octane challenges across the Maltese coastline. Shot over two days spent exploring the island, viewers can watch the duo enjoy some quintessential Maltese landmarks, such as the Triton Fountain and St John’s Co-Cathedral.

The campaign was distributed across the club’s network and on social media. It forms part of a wider sponsorship campaign that has seen several Manchester United figures past and present partake in challenges focusing on Malta’s history and local sites, such as Gozo and Mdina.

Across the multi-channel campaign, viewers are encouraged to share their Malta trivia, use exclusive vacation discounts, and even partake in contests to visit Manchester United’s world-famous Old Trafford stadium.

Through this, the campaign fuses entertainment with advertisement and utilizes user-generated social media content to create a buzz around the Mediterranean tourist hotspot.

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